Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars dance in ecstasy, before they are united in passion, creating worlds. Allowing the fire of desire to burn them, annihilate their bodies till they become pure alchemy of stardust, whirling through the cosmos birthing new galaxies.

Can you hear the roar of battle?

And yet there is no army, no horses, no field.

There is just you and I standing together,

Do we fight that eternal strife, or do we surrender into each others arms

Making love till the Dawn beckons?

On this full Moon night, I whisper in your ear.

Dear Beloved lay down your sword, but before you do, derobe me with your blade,

Devour me with your ravenous hunger,

I will allow you to take me as I am, with no resistance.

We will dance in each others blood and sweat, as we join with such ecstasy,

There will be no separation between Heaven and Hell.

The pain and pleasure, will build a portal where two polarities collide,

Creating new worlds and Galaxies,

From the juices of Creative Exuberance.

We shall dance my Love,

We shall rejoice to celebrate the weaving of worlds,

Where I am your Queen, and You my King


 © Love Layla

Art by Irina Karkabi


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