Union of Polarity

Union of Polarity

Dearest Souls these words came to me as I contemplated on the feelings of complete loneliness that consume me at times.  I wonder if you have these feelings too at times, if so you may find solace as I did from the message that came through this poem.


Union of Polarity

There is a place where the aching, the wanting, the emptiness is so intense

My body is so tired, my heart breaking, my flesh sore to the bones

This emptying, oh my Beloved how can I take any more of this emptying?

I feel like I will be burnt alive by this fire that rages inside me.

I often wonder if people can sense my longing,

Can they smell my burning flesh, or the see the smoke enveloping my senses?

Or am I just so distant that they cannot find me.

Oh my beloved Am I alone in this yearning, does anyone feel as deeply as I do?

Do they feel this tearing of the self, this emptying out, or this gutting?


I open the windows and allow the Moon to enter through,

On the nights breeze I hear a voice,

‘You speak of emptying, yet you hold on to such frivolity

Do you not accept the gift that I have bestowed upon you?

Not all will experience the depth of Me,

The intensity that you feel, to the depth of your being

The fire that burns within you, the disconnection to others, I am all those

For it is in the agonising emptying that you feel the bliss of union.

Not all will know what it is to be burnt alive by that raging fire

To be consumed by me, to be ravaged by me

For me to enter their every cell,

Not all will want to be my vessel, my muse, my love

My Self,

If you can remain open to me, even whilst the fire annihilates you

Then my dearest, the light of our Union will illuminate many. ‘

© Layla

Art Rose Ghost by Charmaine Olivia

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