The Weaver of the Worlds

The Weaver of the Worlds

Dearest Souls, when I asked for a message to share with you at this auspicious time of the Lunar eclipse. I was prompted by the Celtic Oracle of Avalon.

Weaving of the Worlds – Leo Full Moon Eclipse

This is the world of you living, thinking and breathing.

This space is the expression of all you know from the wholeness of your being.

This is the time where seen and unseen parts realities of the etheric substance, form the dreams of your heart.

Through the interweaving with the core of the Divine.

This is the time of choices. The meeting of Yin and Yang, the dance of polarities.

It is the time to swing with dichotomies, and get lost in the unknown realities of unknown time and space.

You can walk ignorantly without a realisation that there is more to our time and space that meets the eye. Or you can come to realize that the universal fields of force and form is all about you.

This world is your world to create within. Through the power of your intent and feelings, knowing that you build the world around you. You create your reality and dreams of your heart and souls desire.

Look around you, want have you created?

What do you want to create?

Become like the magician and form the focus of intent, spirit of purpose, and alignment with the Divine to let Universal substance build the form of your dreams into the mould of human existence.

Love Always Layla

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