The Rising of Persephone the Queen of The Underworld

The Rising of Persephone the Queen of The Underworld

There has been so much controversy coming to light around sexual harassment, abuse of power and the inequality of women. We are in the new millennia, where on the surface we as society have moved forward from our historical counterparts.  Yet the question comes over these past few weeks.  How far have we actually come?  The hidden secrets of the dark underworld of deception is being obliterated and the masks are falling away.  We have come accustomed now to seeing powerful figures of the old world falling away, and with each layer peeling away of the noxious, we reveal clarity of purpose.  To create a new world where women and the vulnerable are no longer viewed as easy meat to feasted upon, but are invited to  sit at the banquet table on par as equals.

It is time to rise from the ashes of the old world, as the Sun illuminates the underworld, we rise as we embrace the falling away of the illusions that have kept us asleep for too long.  It is time to embrace the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone and walk into the temple of Nekromanteion   (The oracle of the Dead).  This day we embrace the dying world with all the flaws, inequality, injustice, disease and disaster.  We are part of all of this playing out and yet we are not of it.  It is easy to get caught up the struggle as the shadows move into the light, and vast amounts of secrets open up to be truly naked, out in the light of the morning sun.  Revealed through the headlines of news, as the darkness cannot be stowed away as it once was. It is easy to be entrapped by the web and the shadows that whisper to us of injustice and shame.  To be enticed by the shadow rather than shining our light.

Many of you will be familiar with the myth of Persephone.  Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and the queen of the underworld. She was abducted by Hades the god of the underworld, infuriating her mother who made the crops wither and the earth barren. Zeus intervened and tried to bring Persephone back to the world of the living; however, Persephone ate the seeds of a pomegranate that Hades had given to her, binding her to him for one third of the year. Thus, it was decided that Persephone spend four months in the underworld and eight months on earth with her mother. The period in the underworld corresponded to the winter season, during which Demeter would make the soils barren due to her grief, while her return marked the start of the spring.

It is Persephone who calls to us at this moment, she invites us into the temple of Nekromanteion to anoint us with the oils and awaken us from the slumber of our disjointedness. To embrace al that is dying within us and the rebirth of our luminous self. Will you join her?

Will You allow her to help you through the Victimhood into Sovereignty.

I will be over the next few weeks exploring the teachings of Persephone as they are channelled through.

There is a six week teaching on Persephone, Becoming of the Inner Priestess that I would like to open up to anyone who feels connected.  Please contact me to have arrange a suitable time over skype for one to one sessions. Please also refer to the blog post on Inner Priestess Training for more information or visit

Artwork by Michael Malm


Love Layla


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