The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers

Over the hills in the misty veiled backdrop

I listen to the birds as they sing your glory,

The wood pigeons throaty song.

The moist wetness of the velvety grass

That absorbs my feet, as they sink into the carpet of softness.

The hills are manicured and picturesque,

Yet the wildness seeps through, in the song of the bird.

In the knowing of my heart, I know Love burns bright, without reason or destination.

My sweet love, hear my call to you

That I am exalted in your Love

With no rhyme or reason,

The love it burns me like a raging fire, devouring me till there is nothing but ash.

But even with thsi ash of your remembrance, I smother my body and dance in the knowing,

That one day my Love, we will unite and dance in each others arms, with only Love, and the Fire of Union in our Hearts.

© Layla

Art The Lovers by Toni Carmine Solerno

The Lovers

Beautiful music that pulls at my heart by Estas Tonne Cosmic Fairytale.

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