The Lioness Queen of Venus

The Lioness Queen of Venus

Me 2The Lioness Queen of Venus

Inana (Sumerian)/Ištar (Akkadian) is among the most important deities and the most important goddess in the Mesopotamian pantheon. She is primarily known as the goddess of sexual love but is equally prominent as the goddess of warfare. In her astral aspect, Inana/Ištar is the planet Venus, the morning and the evening star.

Inana/Ištar is by far the most complex of all Mesopotamian deities, displaying contradictory, even paradoxical traits.  In Sumerian poetry, she is sometimes portrayed as a coy young girl under patriarchal authority, though at other times as an ambitious goddess seeking to expand her influence.

The role of the goddess in power was not, however, restricted to her masculine aspect as the warlike Ištar but is attested also for the sexual Inana in her female aspect. Attributed to early Sumerian history, the so-called “sacred marriage” ceremony celebrated the marriage of Inana (represented by her high priestess) and Dumuzi (represented by the ruler) during the New Year’s festival to ensure prosperity and abundance.  Practiced in the late third and early second millennium BCE, the sacred marriage rite, which may have “have been only an intellectual construct, rather than an event in real life”, nevertheless served to express the relationship between the king and the divine world.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

We Begin


I feel this raging fire inside I cannot settle, I toss and turn in my bed as flashing images come through in my raging mind, a lioness roaring, sensual dance, a mystical figure of passion and intrigue. I am woken hearing a whisper in my ear;

‘Oh Queen of Lions, where are you?’

I sit up abruptly my heart racing, my hair wet with my own perspiration, my breathing fast and shallow. I go to the bathroom to wash my face, looking at myself in the mirror.  It was only a dream I reassure myself and set back to bed. As I reach my bed again I hear the voice whispering;

‘Do not doubt my existence, Dear one or you will forever be in slumber.’

I draw back the curtains to see if I had left the window open and was hearing some sounds from outside, I realise it is shut.  Yet I am distracted by the light of a shining star as I could see the outline of dawn in the backdrop poised yet alighting the sky with magnificence. Instead of resisting I decide to surrender and ask;

‘Who are You?’

As I say these words a gentle breeze sweeps the curtains and I am blinded by a bright light that encirclesStar Goddess me, as if made from countless stars from the Cosmos itself.  I am aghast with bewilderment and curiosity.  When I open my eyes again, I realise I have been transported to another space and time.

It is busy all around me hustle and bustle people with carts and boxes, the surroundings are dusty and dry, and people are dressed in robes and speaking in a different tongue.  They don’t appear to see me or notice that I have just appeared amongst them oddly dressed in my night gown.  They are so busy scurrying around there is an air of urgency.  I start to walk and before me stands a magnificent gate azure blue in colour and adorned with gold.  Pictures of lions and other creatures that look like unicorns.  I am deeply enthralled by firstly my sudden travel to this land and also the purpose of such a journey.  So I continue to walk through the gate, looking for some answers.

There in front of me is a magnificent building adorned by lions and huge stone pillars, lit with oil lamps I walk closer and see that the building is also carved with images of a woman, her figure is voluptuous and sensual, and she stands before me looking both enchanting and fearsome.  From this building I hear chants and unified voices of devotion.  Ishtar GateAlthough I cannot make out the words the vibrations activates the cells in my body and I feel deeply invigorated and renewed.  As I step closer I also can smell deep intoxicating scents that awaken deep desires within my body, as if awakening the serpent within, I want to sway to the music and the chants as if I am under a spell of seduction and enchantment. Hypnotised I walk through the entrance and my own body appears to have been taken over my some unknown force I feel myself swaying with the beat of the drum and the distant bells that I hear yet I am not completely present, in between worlds.

Directly in front of me I see a sumptuous sights of women clothed in silk and chiffon robes, adorned by jewels swaying and dancing as if entranced in a state of deep ecstasy. And in the middle of these circle of women I see Her.  She has Queen Goddesstwo Lions standing beside her, she is dressed in Gold from Head to foot and she wears a head dress with peacock feathers.  Her beauty is magnified even at the distance I am standing, such beauty makes me gasp with wonder.  She sees me approaching and she claps her hands and the women stop dancing and move aside, as I walk towards her they start to throw flower petals at me rejoicing and cheering with sweet feminine voices.  Over and over they declare words yet I am unable to understand them through the language, yet in my heart I feel the vibration of their joy at my appearance. She gestures and they become silent as she moves towards me.  As she stand before me in her magnificence I am so intoxicated by her beauty and presence I stand as if frozen.  She embraces me even in this state as if having an understanding of my deep feelings without needing to ask. She holds my hand and we walk together up the steps into the altar. Her lions follow us but stop as we get to the part that is veiled.  There are beautiful sheer chiffon curtains hanging in deep colours of indigo, fuchsia, purple and turquoise.  She lifts the veils and ushers for me to enter only we enter this realm hidden from sight.  The space is lit dimly with oil lights, and it is has an open roof showing the deep blue night sky.  All around are embroided elaborately decorated silk cushions and sumptuous rugs made of fine silks and wools.  She calls me over to some robes that are laid out.

‘Here my dearest put these on so that you look the part of a sovereign that you are.’

I change my clothes and come towards her.

She pulls me closer, ‘let me look at you my dearest one, Yes you are a beauty to behold me dear one.’

‘Come sit, you are wondering why I called you here, it is time.’

I look at her with curiosity and before I can ask any questions she begins to talk

‘My dearest one, do you not recognise me I am Inanna or Ishtar as I am also called.  I have been waiting for you for quite some time for you to acknowledge this part of you where I reside. ‘

As she says these words she points to my heart.

‘Look.’ she points towards the night sky, ‘look now there are alignments taking place and we cannot waste time. At this time we have the full moon coming together with five other planets. This is no coincidence dear one.  It is an alignment for the escalation of energy a portal for those with awareness who want to walk through and embrace the union of Divinity within themselves.  Those that are hearing my words right now through you.’

I gasped in astonishment and she continues as if not deterred at all by my response.

‘Men and women are being asked to step up now, those of you that are hearing these words and they are penetrating within your heart, activating parts that have been dormant for eons.  These words will delve into your core and awaken those parts that need to integrate for the sake of humanity’s evolution and elevation.  It is essential that you unite the masculine and feminine within yourselves the union is of great importance.  The heros gamos the alchemical marriage between masculine and feminine is essential within you all.   I am the epitome of this merger dear ones.  I am Master and Mistress of the realms, I am a Warrior and I am a Mother, I am a lover and I am celibate, I am a leader and I am a servant, I am full of riches yet I am an aesthetic.’  I look at her confused.Innana 2

‘How you ask can I be paradoxical notions, because I am not attached to any of them.  They are just that notions I do not identify with any of them and yet I move between them all as the purpose suits.  I want you to understand this deep within your soul, what it is to be everything yet nothing.  Why do I ask for this now?  This is because we have no time to waste we have to morph into all of these notions as they arise.  I want to you embrace being the warrior and yet I want you to keep your heart open with compassion and kindness. You are at present in a woman’s body yet I want you to invoke the maleness within you, and then unleash the woman-ess in all her glory.  This what it is to be merged, to be in union, none of the notions or labels mean anything?  You can move from one or another enjoying the bliss that comes from all of the paradoxical notions and yet not getting attached.  It is in this attachment where those that have come before you and you that have lived before have been misled and confused and then your growth stunted. ‘

She points up to the heavens

‘Can you see I am the Queen of the Heaven and Earth, is that not paradoxical?  I am the star in the morning and evening sky Venus is that not also paradoxical?  Now at this time the Star and planet of Venus is central to the progression of humanity as without Love nothing is possible.  So as the Moon becomes the Lioness and roars in the night Lady of the Starssky illuminating and reflecting, she magnifies all the five planets in alignment Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn.  All the energies of these planets are also elevated and without love in communication, action, learning or expansion, there can be no evolution.  Love is central to all these qualities and energies, so I Inanna/ Ishtar are central to all.  I am the balance, when love rules there is no boundaries, no attachments, no labels, and no paradoxes for all is Love. ‘

‘Yet if you do not learn the skills of warfare you cannot be a warrior, if you do not learn the skills of dance you cannot be a dancer.  You must master the skills of all the paradoxes that you encounter within yourself.  None of it is good or bad, it can only be that if you label as such, when your mind wants to grasp at the notions rather than the lessons of love.  Without love there is just the mind and this is where cruelty and injustice grow, as without love action is devoid of Divinity and you my dearest are Divine, the Sovereign of the realms.  Yet without love you are nothing but dust. ‘

With these words, she paints the star of Venus in my forehead and embraces me till I am asleep at her bosom.  When I awake the sun is shining through my window I look around my room there is no sight of Her.  I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I have the painted star of Venus still visible.

star of Ishtar

©Written and Channelled by Layla at Surya Therapy

Art by Karl Bang

Music Yearning ‘ by Raul Ferrando – is the epitome of the Arabian music that would have been played in Inanna’s temples in the Ancient Mesopotamian times and it is recommended that you listen to this beautiful enchanting track whilst or after reading this channelling.  You may not be able to keep yourself from dancing.  If you do feel the urge to dance allow yourself to feel the music and sway and whirl.  As you are in the temples of Inanna/ Ishtar

Inanna /Ishtar ritual – Sacred Marriage

The ritual is all about merging the Feminine and Masculine within.  So create some time it can be at the time during the Full Moon and at this sacred time of the planets alignment or if you are reading this at another time.  It means that this time when you identify is right for you.  If you can see the night sky this is the perfect time.  Light a candle of whatever colour you choose and light any incense or anything that will make your space sacred.  You will need a mirror, look into this mirror and into your eyes.  If you are a man evoke the woman within you, the Goddess within you and listen to her, ask her what message she wants to give you.  Listen to the inner message that you receive allow it to activate those parts that need healing and growth from the message.  If you are a woman then you do the same but evoke the man within you, the God within you. You can write down the message and allow it to sink deeply through you in the next few days and with the transmission.

Do not be concerned if you read this message after the 23rd January 2016, you have been guided to read here at this time, it is for a reason.  You have not missed any opportunity to integrate your energies it may be that you need different vibrational energies according your energetic field and path.


  1. Joyous energetic pathway to reclamation – return to balance and passion most high

    • Thank you Ian for your appreciation <3

  2. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it


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