The Gift Of Desire

The Gift Of Desire

The Gift of DesireMermaid3

Are you feeling that you have lost your joy? Your desire?

Allow the Mermaids to enchant you, to intoxicate your sense with their allure and within this connection find that treasure of attraction within yourself.

It appears the water keeps flowing for me this week as I have been enchanted by the Mermaids today. Maybe it’s my Piscean influence that just cannot resist the watery depths of the Neptunium energy.  Or maybe it is the delicious call of the Mermaids through their beautiful alluring song that intoxicate my senses and I follow them into the watery depths of the Ocean, like a moth to a flame. Knowing that I may not return from these watery depths yet unable to swim away, locked in a deep longing and curiosity. The mysterious and alluring deeply intertwined like a sumptuous sweet nectar whose scent fills every cell of my being penetrating my every pore.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

We BeginDeep Mermaid

They take me deeper and deeper till I can no longer see the Sun’s rays shining through to show me the entrance to the surface.  Fear strikes me like a knife in my chest and I gulp the salty water gasping for breath.  The mermaids that are behind me stroke my hair and cup my face, by looking into their hypnotic eyes I am calm and strangely even to me, able to breathe underwater without any aid.  We pass coves and coral, fish and an array of tantalising sea creatures dancing to the rhythm of the ocean.  Welcoming me to their watery home. mermaid 1

Then in the distance I see an entrance to what looks like an underwater castle, it is jagged and translucent as it is solid.  We move closer and the gate open for us to enter.  Inside is a spectacle to encounter of riches and jewels that coat the corridors.  They take me to a magnificent hall filled with books, I gasp at the sheer magnitude of this vast library.  Then I see Her, She stands before me like an enchanting dream.  Her deep dark hair flowing she is sways moving closers too me.  Her beauty is mesmerising I cannot take my eyes off her as she nears me.  Her eyes as blue as the ocean itself, her skin dewy with moisture of the water yet smooth, her lips full and sensual.

‘Oh my beauty you are here.’

She smiles warmly her perfect pearl white teeth glistening.

I still stand unable to compose myself her presence so tantalizing and seductive, I could not stop myself from staring at her exquisite form.

She throws her head back and the most enticing laughter fills the hall.

What is the matter my Priestess you are dumbstruck and silent?  She comes closer and holds my hand do you know Me, my precious love?

Lemanja‘I am Yemaya, I have called you here to Me as I want you to reclaim your beauty your sensuality.  Do not be ashamed or embarrassed by the wild parts of erotic power within you.  Cultivate this power. This power is immense my Priestess, it is the creative juice of expression and manifestation. Through this power you are able to bring dream into reality.  The fertility that you can manifest is dependant on your vibration, if all of nature is gasping to make love to you through attraction then you tell me my dearest what can resist you?’

I gasped at her words, she looked me deep in the eyes

‘Yet you think yourself unlovable! Without love for yourself nothing is possible.’  Her tone now became less playful and more intense.

‘Gone is the time of suppression My Priestess you must not replay what has been the feminine experience over life times.  Now is the time for celebration and joy that indeed this time is ending and that you are rising out of the depth of the ocean.  Allow your voice to sing, allow your hips to sway to the Cosmic beat.  Tap into the vast reservoirs of energy that are available to you and create.  Create the world you Desire.

With these words she touched my third eye with her middle finger and with that touch I was sent into a deep trance.

When I awoke I was lying on the sandy beach with the waves of the ocean gently rolling shifting and moulding the sand with its caress. I Held my head in my hands and wandered if I had indeed fallen asleep and it was all a dream.  Yet as I pulled myself to my feet there was something around my neck.  I looked down.  It was a silver chain and a transparent blue stone shimmering the colours of the rainbow as I held it against the sun.  A pendant of Aqua Aura.


©Written and Channelled by Layla at Surya Therapy

The Music Yemaya Assessu by Deva Premal captures the heart of longing for the beautiful Goddess stirring the Soul for union with her Divine presence.  In the sweet melody of the  song you hear the alluring Call of the Mermaids.

Ritual – Tending to the Mermaid Within

Mermaids are sensuous and emotional beings that allow us to dive deeper within ourselves.  To revel in our emotions and treat them as sacred and to allow the sensuality of the feminine to surface within our own being.  They help us access those hidden depth of our alluring and sexual nature and to celebrate our sexuality, our beauty and our femininity.

You will need to consummate the transmission by taking a bath.  If you do not have a bath then shower will do.  You will need to make the bathing place sacred with candles, music, scents etc.  If you have any Shell jewellery or Shells place them around your bath as you bathe.  You will need to take this bath at dusk as the sky turns dark or at night preferably if you can see the stars. Remember and imagine all that you have absorbed through the transmission as you bathe. If you can listen to the music attached while you bathe that will enhance the experience.

Then when you are done having the sacred bath or shower, comb your hair but do it with intention think of how the mermaids comb their hair energising each strand.  Moisturise your body but again to it with intention as if your are by rubbing the lotion invigorating your body making it look and feel sensual. Go about your beauty regime in an intentional manner so that you are enhancing and allowing yourself to feel the sensational being that you are. Bath

Allow the energy from the transmission to integrate into your cell body.  This may take a few days.  Please pay attention to all that happens within and externally, within the next few days. Most of all enjoy your femininity and have fun.

Art created by Selina Fenech

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