The Full Moon in Gemini – Portal to the Union of Polarity

The Full Moon in Gemini – Portal to the Union of Polarity

The Full Moon in Gemini – Portal to the Union of Polarity

‘Your heart and my heart are friend’s very, very old friends …’
~ Hafiz

The Full moon in Gemini on the 25th Nov is a vital portal of energy to help reconciliation and unite those fragmented parts of ourselves that have been lost and split. This can be reflected also in the world at large at present, the split between Eastern and Western ideologies, the political and religious splits. Those individuals that are so split in themselves that they are making decisions and acting in inhumane ways, in the name of a cause or their own misguided pursuit of power or control. Never before has there been so much polarity in our world between where we would like to be and where we are in our perceived vision.

However this split and polarity is also our inner struggle dear friends. Gemini is symbolised by the twins of polarity coming together Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. Mercury is the messenger, and so we are now being urged to communicate to the split parts of ourselves those parts that we have disowned and isolated. Our fears, our desires, our anger or our insecurities.

It’s time now to allow them a place to communicate to resolve that need to act out those fears, those insecurities and desires. Instead to acknowledge them, to open a line of communication to ourselves. In the world at large this is what we are being urged to do, this portal of energy is urging us to speak about those polarities not from a place of debate but instead through our vulnerabilities to one another to allow the channel of conscious communication to occur.

The Sun is Sagittarius aids this deep communication and merging of polarities. Sagittarius is concerned about wisdom and expansion, it is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion. Therefore the coming together of Mercury and Jupiter is about expansion of deep communication this is the bridge of expansion between two differing thoughts and ideologies to bring peace and unity through integration.

We are being urged right now dearest friends to go deep inside our psyches and to those depths within to integrate those splits parts of ourselves. The split between our femininity and masculinity this is true for us all whether we are men or women. We need to stop blaming those that we see as the opposite to us. Women to stop blaming men for the destruction of this world or their internal world, men to stop blaming women for the downfall of humanity through their dogmatic religious and cultural belief . The collective hate against those of deferring religions or ideologies or beliefs.

Instead we need to really ask what within us is damaged and split that we need to seek another outside to unleash all our rage. If we all ask this question to ourselves if we can forge the split within that has occurred in our psyches then we have a chance to save our world our beloved planet Earth, humanity our brothers and sisters from complete destruction.

I have been taken to Istanbul for this portal of the full Moon as Istanbul is the energy point the bridge between Europe and Asia it also has the sacred Hagia Sophia. The healing of this energy point on the Earth needs to occur at this moment in time in order to harmonise the conflict. The unity and balancing of Sacred Masculine and Feminine Sophia and Logos, God and Goddess.

Never before has there been such a pivotal opportunity both for individual and collective evolution, where we are being given the opportunity to merge those split parts of ourselves through conscious and loving communication of our higher wisdom. In order to heal, those wounds within ourselves and the collective psyche that run deep. Do not lose this opportunity dear friends we have waited Eons for this time.

Allow that deep vulnerability to open within yourselves whether it is to a trusted person that you speak to, or even to yourself that you acknowledge all that you have been keeping from yourself. Allow those deep secrets to come to the surface. Allow the wisdom of your soul to speak. If we do this for ourselves we can collectively shift our planets conscience and we have a chance to join together and urge for peace from our leaders of the world to communicate in conscious leadership.

As always we are helped through Divine guidance Our guides, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, God and Goddesses, Archangels and Elementals are all there to hold us, to support us. Yet we must ask for this help they cannot help us without us tapping into and connecting with them. At this time especially Archangel Gabriel called the Messenger and Archangel Michael the Angel of Strength and Protection are awaiting to help us with our communication and to protect and guide us.

Prayers for Peace and Loving heart to heart communication for All heart emoticon

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