The Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse – The Dragon Portal

The Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse – The Dragon Portal

The Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse – The Dragon Portal

This week has had some very erratic energy moving us, and it has taken some grounding to keep from being swept away.  With the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere, the changing of the seasons, reflecting the changes within us. The Mercury Retrograde in full swing and the potent full Moon is in Aries.  If that wasn’t enough!!! Then the Full Moon is also eclipsed by the Sun on Sunday 27th September 2015.  No wonder we have been feeling these intense energies right now friends.  It has been a time where we can either resist and try and control this torrent of energy, or we can surrender, even with our fears and allow the Divine to take the lead.

Fears are coming to the surface Dear Friends, those issues that we had thought we had long dealt with are resurfacing.  Doubts are raging in our minds, will we make it? Will things get any better? Some of us are feeling defeated and tired, weary and wounded.  Just not seeing that dawning of a new day.  This Full Moon is all about the dawning of a new day, it is all about whipping us up to give that well needed boost of inspiration and aspiration. The Dragon has come to aid us.  We need to consciously tap into his fiery energy. The Dragon personifies our will and determination that wild untamed part within, that can break through all the chains and barriers that hold us back.  And roar pure flames that purify and clear our pathway. We ride the Dragon and soar into the skies with renewed energy as we go on to manifest all that we dream.

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac so the energy is very raw and potent, it is that which breaks through our shackles as it ploughs ahead with renewed vigour. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars the fiery masculine planet of passion, drive, determination it differs to the Sun in that it is raw energy rather than creative energy.   However with the Aries Moon meeting the Sun in the Eclipse the merging of their energy is raw and creative.  We have truly been given a boon, a gift to help to refresh and reenergise our chakras.  The Eclipse will upload our DNA with Sacred Masculine energy.  A few weeks ago we had the merger of the Sun and the New Moon in Virgo which was all about Dark Feminine power.  Embracing our shadow self and going into the void, the mystery our depth.  Now we are called to act upon the lessons that we learnt from the descent into our Underworld.  We are now shedding light onto the darkness.   We are now asked to move forward, and we are now given the opportunity to balance, the sacred Masculine and Feminine within ourselves. As the Sun moves into Libra the Cosmic scales are balancing.  How will our heart measure on these scales of Maat?

Without the heart chakra being activated, Mars energy can have the opposing effect of anger, violence, callous action and cruelty.  It has been the energy that patriarchy has tapped into for Eons.  This is why our human race is at a detrimental and pivotal point, we cannot continue to abuse our beautiful Gaia.  We cannot continue to act in egoic selfish ways and gain a different outcome to the misery, and deprivation of love we are experiencing at this time on this planet.  We need to use the gifts we are being given of raising our consciousness.  If we each take responsibility for our own growth, we will raise the energy collectively.  The coming together of the Sun and Mars is about bringing Sacred Masculinity into alignment within ourselves.  As Sacred Masculinity is the energy of Mars, with our heart chakra activated.   So that when we act, we act out of love not fear.  When we move, we move where love makes us move not where fear makes us move.  We are rooted in the abundance of the Universe rather than seeing lack of love that is the perception of so many, on this Planet.  It takes each one of us to harness our Dragon.  That pure, powerful and raw energy, that pulsates within our hearts as passion and drive, which inspires and moves us, to be the change we yearn for, and to create the World we desire.


So Much Love <3




Red Moon Dragon by Sonomori

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