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The Conscious Traveller

The Conscious Traveller

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As you all are well aware our beautiful planet Earth Gaia, can really do with our help.  So how can we help? Well over the past few years I’ve been travelling to various different places across the globe at times, in my own back garden so to speak.  Something that I felt was known information is not quite that.  The places I’ve travelled to have all meant something.  Yet how often do you get the mystical beyond the veil interpretation of these sites?

So this got me thinking well what if I start to tell you about some of the places I’ve visited with a commentary of all the information that is not in our travel guides, history books or even spiritual guides. This is because so much of history has been erased and reinvented to suit a specific way of thinking.  Or simply that it was never written down or common knowledge.   The Earth and every aspect of her holds so much knowledge by travelling to specific places, we can encounter so many things both internally and externally.

We can unlock our previous lives, how many times have you been drawn to places and going there felt feelings that you could not put into words.  That is because places unlock deep memories that are within our psyche and can be unlocked in our DNA, when we visit those certain places or points.   However if you cannot understand it they you may feel like there is something going on but you cannot quite put your finger on it.

Well now you’re asking what does that have to do with helping the planet?  Well by unlocking those keys within ourselves, we help that piece of land heal too.  There are also energy points on the Earth located in so many places.  The ancient peoples knew of these places and revered them, howeverStone Henge the majority of these sites have been lost.  However these sites could be on your door step, a place that you regularly visit and are drawn to.  You may have intuitively felt a specialness about a place but had no proof in the archaeology or historical information to prove it.

By finding these sacred power points on the Earth we can start to heal our planet just by our intentions alone.  By creating our own personal ritual, to cleanse the place.  Simple ceremonies like placing flowers, burying crystals in the ground or sounding sacred sounds with rattles, singing bowls or mantras.  If none of these things are possible then just connecting with our hearts and praying setting the intention.  At times these places can also activate deep memories and escalate growth for us, as healing can happen in many forms both for ourselves and our sacred Earth.



The keys things to take into account when Conscious Traveling;

  1. Signs –

This way we become conscious traveller of this planet following the signs that are calling us every day, yet we choose to ignore because we may seem crazy.  These are the signs that will lead us to ourselves.  You are asking what you mean by signs? I mean everyday things like dreams, a feeling, a hunch, seeing the same things a picture for example, it could be an owl you could see a picture of an owl on the social media.  Then you see it in a shop you’re passing then you see it again on TV or even if you’re lucky enough outside for real.  What is the Owl telling you?  A sign that you should visit certain place keeps coming to you, in conversation, the place is mentioned and you hear again a few days later etc.

  1. As above so Below –

Once you have interpreted the sign and understand that you should visit a specific place or have a feeling that you should take a different route to the familiar place you usually visit.  Then the next stage is to ask the timing.  Follow your instincts the plans you have just made what cosmic time are they at.  Astrologically what is the time?  So you may have to do some research, where is the Moon and where is the Sun astrologically?  There may be some specific astrological event happening.  I write a lot about astrology so if you get stuck just look at some examples and then you can find out quite easily what happening cosmically.  .

  1. Follow your Gut –

Then the place that you are visiting what memory is it triggering for you. Don’t disregard anything. Again it may help to do some research on the place but it may be that is no history at all about the place.  Use your intuition and follow your instincts. The amounts of times I have discovered rings of stones in places by using this method, when I had no idea they were there and there were no historic records.

  1. Activation of DNA-

When you get to the place really soak it in.  Do not ignore anything, If you can journal even the smallest of feelings about anything.  If you can sit and just meditate that even better, however it may be some historical site that you don’t have that luxury.  Yet you can still silence your mind and try and go to a place where there is no hustle and bustle.  A little corner, where you can touch the actual foundations or stones.   Even if you can visibly see the place but it is some distance away just a quiet moment.  This will help your body soak up and it will activate your DNA.

  1. Memento-

Bringing back a small thing.  This is something hold the energy of a place.  Please ask the Earth or place for this if you take a little pebble or shell etc.  However this can also be a purchase of a small things from the museum shop for example inside the Hagia Sophia where I’ve recently visited.  Take lots of pictures of the place, this is an easy these days to do.  On your return ensure that you keep this memento in a sacred place. Meditate with it or just touch it regularly, to ensure that you receive some connection.

  1. Re- remembering –

The crucial times is usually afterwards on your return home as your body may be uploading all kinds of messages and memories, that are not coming into the conscious so be patient as some times this can take a while months, possibly years and other times it can just be instant.   When this happens make sure you write it up as the details will be lost otherwise.

  1. Healing –

Once you receive clarity about the connection please ensure that you write it up so that it is clear for you. The story may keep evolving and you may be given message at different stages.  Then send healing to the place.  This could be easy enough if it is a local place and not a tourist location this can be done through burying crystals, placing flowers, making a healing circle with stones or other material found nearby. Whatever you feel guided to do.  However f it is s tourist place you may not get physical opportunity, but it may be that you have activated those memories with your connection to the place within and you send healing to the memories.  By acknowledging that you may have a connection to the place and past life. There could be trauma or some healing that you need to do for yourself.  You can seek our professional help for this.

Cliff edge

The more you use these steps the more fluid it becomes, as you start to trust your intuition and listen to the message the more messages you will receive.

I am going to post some of my journeys so that you can get a picture of what is possible.  Or if you have already had an experiences of conscious travel please share.

If you would to share your journey please send me an email on  and I will send you instructions on layout and photos that you would like to use.  Then I will create a blog and share with a link you in so you can share.  This way we create a community of Conscious Travellers.

The more we can become Conscious Travellers, the more we can unlock the codes of our beautiful planet.  The more we connect to her on a deeper level.  The more of us do this, the more chance we have of helping her.  We can teach our children to do this too and this can be our legacy.


Let us together re remember what our ancestors knew so clearly, but we have forgotten with our disconnection to our Beautiful Planet Gaia. Let us both Heal ourselves and our Beautiful Gaia as we are not separate from each other.

So It IsFairy Tale trees

© Written and Created by Layla @ Surya Therapy

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