The Celestial Realm and the Mystical Castle in the Stars

The Celestial Realm and the Mystical Castle in the Stars

The Celestial Realm and the Mystical Castle in the Stars Ariadne

Ariadne is a Cretan Goddess known as the “Mistress of the Labyrinth”. She is famous for dancing her spiral dance, while weaving her thread of magic. Ariadne is said to also have been Crete’s snake Goddess.  Ariadne a celestial Goddess, having associations with the Moon and Stars. Her constellation, Corona Borealis, is a crown given to her as a wedding gift from her husband Dionysus. It was flung up to the night sky to become the well-known constellation.

Arianrhod, Celtic Welsh Star Goddess of Reincarnation, is known as “Silver Wheel”, “Silver Circle”, “High Fruitful Mother”, “Star Goddess”, and Sky Goddess. She is considered by many to be a Moon Goddess.  She is a primal figure of feminine power, a Celestial Mother Goddess who through her role as Goddess of Reincarnation, rules fertility and childbirth. Arianrhod also rules arts, magic, and manifestation. As the Goddess of the Silver Wheel she is associated with spinning and weaving.  With Her wheel she magically weaves the tapestry of life.

Her palace was found in the far north on the magical, rotating island of Caer Sidi, which probably means “Revolving Castle” The ancients believed that her domain and her castle, Caer Arianrhod, were in the Corona Borealis, the constellation of stars moving around the apparently motionless North Star. Caer Sidi is also known as Annwn, the Otherworld, and land of the dead.  People were brought there when they died.  As “Silver Wheel”, she gathered the departed Souls aboard her ship, the Oar Wheel and transported them to Emania, also known as Moonland.  In the Northern sky, whirling around the enduring stability of the North Star, Arianrhod presided over the fates of departed souls, nurturing their journeys between lives.

Caer Sidhi

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also helps us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

Please be aware that this specific activation is particularly potent and powerful, and therefore you will need to read it in your own space and time when you feel your body can absorb high level vibrations.  Please do not read this if you are pregnant or you are feeling unwell in any way.

We begin

Caught between this world and another, I walk through the mist, through the winding path not knowing what road to take or direction to turn. I twist and turn with the winding path ahead of me, not even knowing what my destination would look like.  Drawn by the insatiable yearning in my heart I walk. Encountering the magical labyrinth of life I walk its path.  Beyond the mist there in the darkness, the Moon hangs full.  The stars themselves shine as if offering a magical trail in the sky and I walk and walk, completely taken by a spirit beyond my comprehension.

I begin to hear celestial sounds, enchanting music playing from out of a hidden sphere.  I cannot see anyone in sight.  Pulled like a moth to a flame I walk closer, the grass I walk on is slightly wet with the night mist as it hangs as if embracing a mystical garden of another realm.  I hear a noise behind me and I suddenly turn and proclaim in the night air;

‘Who is there?’

My breath becomes heavier and faster with anticipation, as I try to calm my nerves.

‘Why are you so anxious my dear one?’ A feminine voice replies.

I gasp as a silhouette appears from nowhere in front of me and I stumble backwards falling with terror. As I scramble to compose myself, she walks over I still cannot see her beneath her dark cloak as she helps me to my feet.

‘I did not mean to startle you my dearest, but to merely offer you my guidance through the labyrinth.’

I step back in astonishment as I had not known I was in a labyrinth only that I had stepped out for some air in the gardens and become lost.

She now took the hood off her cloak revealing her soft flowing raven black hair, even in the darkness her face was luminous, her beauty radiating. Ariadne 1

‘Come,’ she held out her hand.  I took her hand still mesmerised by her beauty, my mind not able to grasp what was happening to me, not able to reach any rational conclusion.  I run behind her as she races through the winding paths.  I gasp behind her;

‘How do you know the way?’

She stops abruptly and turns around.

‘You don’t know who I am? ‘She questions.

I shake my head and look again hypnotised by her beauty. Her dark eyes shining like stars in the majestic skies, she moves closer and whispers;

‘I am Ariadne the keeper of the Labyrinth.’  She throws her head back and laughs echoing into the silence of the night.  ‘I have come to offer you the thread of life to take you back to where you belong.’

I snap out of my hypnotic state and ask indignantly;

‘Where do I belong? ‘

She now smiles and turns away, without another word she continues to walk in front of me.  As she walks the thread from her cloak is unravelling, I take the thread and hold onto it as we walk.  Deeper and deeper we go until she stops and turns, she moves aside to reveal and shimmering light in the darkness.  I look at her and she answers;

‘This is a portal and gateway. the Merkaba to the higher realms into the stars, this is the heart of the Labyrinth and where your journey with me ends.  To enter the portal Merkaba you must leave everything behind, even yourself.  You cannot take anything with you dearest. You must step naked into the portal, if you do not do this it will not take you, to the place you dream of but instead into your most terrifying of nightmares.’ Merkaba

She steps closer and smooths my hair looking into my eyes.

‘Do not be afraid dearest, the greatest of treasures await you. You just need to have courage and faith and all will be well.’

With these words she disappeared, as she had appeared into the darkness of the night.

There in the mist I undress and remove all traces of the material world, to step into the portal.  For my curiosity is driving me more than my fear. The light envelopes me and I am lifted as if by a vacuum and around me there are light colours rising through my sight, I close my eyes as the lights become so bright that I can longer keep them open. I feel the pressure lessen and the stillness as the portal stops.  I open my eyes, it takes a little time for my vision to adjust and as it does I see the night sky expanding everywhere around me and I am standing on a path.  In front of me is a fortress it is made of Stars.

Still a little unsteady on my feet from the astral travel, I stand to ground myself on the path before me.  I walk across the bridge towards the immense and magnificent castle.  All I can see around me are the Stars, and the Moon is hanging so near that I feel that if I reached up I could touch her. I walk ahead feeling in awe of the beauty before me.  I near the gates, they are decorated with gems that glimmer in the cosmic sky like crystal jewels.  I see that the gems form the pattern of the Flower of Life on the gate. As I am standing examining the sheer magnificence of the gate, it slowly starts to open, I step backwards a little startled.  I wait till it is fully open still contemplating whether I should go inside or try and find a way back. My curiosity gets the better of me again and I walk inside the gate.   I enter a courtyard and there are a number of closed doors forming a circle.  Whilst I am trying to ascertain which door I should try and whether any of them are actually locked, a high pitched voice greets me;

Dragon Fae‘Welcome to Caer Sidhi, you have been expected and if you come this way I will take you to her, the Lady.’

I turn around to see being, she is feminine and transparent glistening with energy, she has two beautiful wings that also look transparent rather like dragon fly wings.  She looks at me with an amused expression as I examine her and finally states;

‘I am Dragon fae, now if you will come this way, the Lady is waiting.’

‘Which Lady?’ I ask puzzled.

‘Well Lady of the Caer Sidhi and the Queen of Corona Borelias, Goddess Arianrhod, of course. Now come along we must not keep her waiting. ‘Dragon Fae who had not given me her name, started to lead the way and I follow with no further questions.

She leads me through a doorway into a hall that is shimmering with energy shapes of every form making patterns, as if they have a life of their own, the colours all glowing.  In front of us is an altar and as I get nearer I can see there is something in the ground that is reflecting its energy, but it is not until we get to the step that leads onto the altar that I can see clearly.  There is a huge pool of some kind in the ground yet it is not filled with water but some kind of luminous energy that is spiralling sending out spark, it is mesmerising to watch.

‘Yes it truly is magical is it not?’ The voice that speaks brings me back from the hypnotic state that the pool had sent me into.  I look up to see the source of the voice.

Ahead of me, on a throne made of stars she sits, I am awestruck by her splendour, her dark hair as if adorned by stars glistening in the night sky, she is wearing a crown.  Her beauty iridescent and her eyes that pierce my being, even at the distance I can see that they are the palest of blue.  She is wearing a gown that looks like she is wearing the cosmic sky. Crown of Heaven

‘Come here my dearest’, she beckons.  ‘I have been waiting here for Eternity for you to visit’.

I step onto the platform and seat myself next to her throne.  She takes my hand and I look at her, her face is like porcelain, her aura transcending even her form.  From her hand I feel her energy pulsate through me in waves of love.  Her luminescent eyes transfixed on me, she states;

‘Not many venture this far my child, but you are an adventurous one. ‘Her eyes sparkle like jewels with her statement and she continues.  ‘You heard my call and your curiosity got the better of you I see, your curiosity is greater than your fear my Dearest one, this is indeed an asset. ‘

‘You are wondering why I called you,’ she answers my thoughts.

‘It is time to re remember Dearest, to acknowledge this part of you that belongs in this realm’.  I look at her in wonder.  ‘Yes my beautiful one, you are of the Stars, you have always known this to be true and that a part of you exists here.  Yet you have not explored this realm further than the planes where you were previously incarnated.  This realm is a place where you have not incarnated, it is the place where you are in between incarnations.   You have been here many times Dearest one, here to be nurtured, a palace of solace and sanctuary until your next incarnation.’

I looked at her in astonishment.

She steps down from her throne and ushers me to come to her. She points at the whirling pool, as I look on she starts to chant in an unknown language and as she does this the pool lifts up into a wheel, whirling with energy.  I step back in awe as within the wheel I catch a glimpse of worlds and realms, beings and lives. As the wheel is spinning she speaks;

‘This is the wheel of fate, some call Karma I am the keeper of this wheel.  I have bought you here to help you understand that nothing in life is an accident.  You are bound by the law of karma, it is one of the universal laws of existence.  You being here is no accident Precious one, your re remembering is no accident.  You are here to understand this, you too are a shape shifter, a traveller between realms.  This is not so that you can just explore, but it is so that you can heal.  Each realm is in need of healing, as they too are fragmented as you are being humans in the third dimension existence on Earth.  All beings are interrelated as the Universe is interrelated, there is a balance between all things and beings.  You are here to help reconnect those that are fragmented and to connect to the realms in many different levels.  Here all Souls are from the universal source, and therefore you can have contact with each realm being here at the Caer Sidhi, this is why it called the Corona, the Crown, the Sovereign.  From here you have access to all realms, it is the centre place where all Akhashic records are kept, the intelligence of the Cosmos.  This Castle holds the codes to all of the universe and existence itself.  Can you see the sacred geometrical shapes there? ‘She points to the shapes along the hallway. ‘They are what makes the Universal energy of life.’Arianrhod 2

‘I have called you here so that you can activate your cell memory with the energy of this sacred space, and that you can then help the beings in all dimension heal through your healing.  Anyone who reads this message will also be activated by this very energy and will be able to heal beings on Earth and other realms through their own healing process.  The Fae, elemental and Mer realms cannot exist without healing, they too are suffering the consequences of the pollution on Earth.  The Angelic realm is also effected as they are helping to keep the balance.  The Star nations are sending in extra beings that are highly evolved to help catalyse the growth of human consciousness.  Without this growth we are all effected as we are all one, the destruction of humanity affects us all. ‘

‘I am asking you to send this message now so  that all who read this, have also now taken on a responsibility to communicate with the other realms, and help through listening  to what they are asked to do.  Each person will receive a message, if they communicate with the realms, for their part in the healing process and this could be anything.  They could be used for their skills and talents to aid humanity by helping those in different realms. ‘

‘Each Full Moon is an auspicious time as this is the times, when the veils between the worlds are thin and communication can be more fluid.  It is a time when the Moon offers to become the gateway to elevation of consciousness, if this is done through awareness.  This realm was always hidden and the memories were erased form human consciousness because of the sheer power.  This knowledge in the wrong hands would mean destruction, however we are now at such a pivotal point and therefore we are taking this risk.  We are trusting that those who are guided to read this message will use this power for the good of all and those who have other intentions will not be able to access this activation and will not be drawn to its content.’Ariarhod 5

With these words she turns to me and looks into my eyes.

‘I have faith in you Dearest and in those who read these words.  If you ever need my help just call me I have been sending Owls to those who have the ability to take on this responsibility.

She kisses me on the forehead and asks me to step into the wheel.  I close my eyes and step in, I feel similar sensations to that of the Merkaba.  When I open my eyes I am back in the garden where I undressed.  When I am able to stabilize myself, I dress.  When I am ready, I hear the call of an Owl behind me, it starts to fly in front of me leading me.  I follow it as it guides me out of the labyrinth into the garden itself.  The sky is now clear and as I look up the Owl flies up towards the Full Moon.

Please take time to readjust and ground yourself after receiving this activation, as it at a very powerful frequency, and can make you feel quite unstable if you do not ground yourself.  You can ground yourself by imagining roots growing out of your feet, and placing your feet firmly on the ground. If you have a chance to go out in nature and hug a tree this is a great way to ground.

Once you have grounded yourself please listen to the music that I have included by Mozart.  Mozart was a composer who was able to channel music from the stars, his music holds the energy to integrate this channelled message and activation into your being.  Requiem is a Mass for the Souls of the deceased to ease their journey.  It was the last of Mozarts compositions therefore he was in tune with the energy of the Caer Sidhi, the place where Souls go in between incarnations, when he wrote this music.  He himself was in-between worlds as he died shortly after its completion. He quoted when writing Requiem;

‘I know I must die! Someone has given me Acura Toffna and has calculated the precise time of my death- for which they have ordered a Requiem, it is for myself I am writing this.”-Wolfgang Mozart to Constanze his wife a few weeks before his death, and a story told of his death by Constanze.’

Ritual – Communication with Other Realms

After a few days when the activation has imbedded itself into your cell body and you feel ready.  Allow yourselves to communicate to the beings from different realms.  You may have had messages and some attunement with a specific realms such as the Fae kingdom, Elementals, Mer people, Animal and bird spirits, Star people, Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses and any other realms that I may not have included, that you have an affinity with.

Depending on the realm there may be specific places where connection is easier, for example for the Elementals and Fae kingdom being in nature particularly in wooded areas is advisable, for Mer folk near the sea. If this is not possible you can use tools such as using leaves, flowers, twigs from trees, shells or stones, crystals, feathers, art etc to help connect with the specific realm and beings.

Connect by asking the question;

‘How can I help?’

Then listen, the answers may come in writing, like you open a book on a certain page, or from external sources such as hearing it from another person.  An opportunity in some way may open itself or you may hear from an inner knowing through intuition.

It is easier to communicate at the full Moon or for the three days within the full Moon energy so if you are having difficulty communicating try around this time period.

Please do not take this message and activation lightly, for now that you have been activated you have a responsibility you are no longer asleep.  You have the power to help our planet and other realms.  If you do not act on this message then there will be consequences as the wheel of Karma, the universal law does not exempt anyone.

Flower of Life

©Written and Channelled by Layla at Surya Therapy

Art Feature image by Lucreziac

Other Art by various unknown artists

The Cosmic Queen and Ariadne by Selenade



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