The Call of Our Eternal Mother

The Call of Our Eternal Mother

The Call for our Eternal Mother

Do you sometimes feel that by allowing those feelings to flow that they will drown you in their sorrow? The rage that you have within will swallow up and burn you to cinders?  Are you afraid that if you reach those depths, there will be no point of return?  Those feelings inside given a voice would scream so loud you would be deafened.  So the only choice is to cut them off, to access them, would mean that you would be driven to lunacy.

What if through those feelings you were to find the truth of who you are?  It is only through feeling those feeling, that you will come to realise that you are not them.  You will once again embrace the connection with the Eternal Mother that waits for you, arms outstretched deep inside your heart.

Mother where are you?

My heart is broken with anguish and pain

I’m broken by life, crumbling with each breath

I hold on in earnest as I long and yearn for you

Your warmth, your touch, your smell

I want to feel your loving heart as you embrace me

Mother where you?

So many nights I’ve cried and called you

Only the depths of the darkness replied

But I kept calling in the hope that you would hear me

Please hold me Mother is your womb forever

For I’m tired and weary and long for home.

I stumble and fall in the darkness as I call for you

O Mother please hear my call.

How many of us yearn for our mother the Eternal Mother of Creation to hold us? Through our darkness dreariness and anguish, till the dawn of another day?  Through Eons we have been calling our Mother, we have lost connection to her. We have been thinking she is not hearing our call but she hears us yet we cannot hear her.  We experience  deep disconnection to ourselves we are lost in the sea of sorrow, carried through the waves of emotions with no end as we float on the endless sea with no land in sight. Then we let go of even the hope and we allow the sea to carry us, we are tired and weary.  We begin to feel the sun on our face and the warm embrace of the breeze as it gently rock us to sleep.  We awake to the sound of the birds as they sing, harmonies touching a hidden space within.  We realise we are on solid ground now as the sea has carried us to this land.

For so long we have repressed these feelings that it sometimes feels when we do get in touch with those deep within our psyche, that we will drown with no land in sight.  We have neglected the feminine within the Mother inside ourselves has been lost.  She has been beaten, raped, pillaged and suppressed.  Not able to speak her truth, ignored and ridiculed, as only the masculine was prized and valued.  The Masculine the Father, who protected and defended, ruled by rational thought, mind and intellect.  There was no room for the feminine emotions, intuition and creativity.  Her power was not valued so she lost it, or she gave it away as she felt it was not valued therefore not worth anything.  She herself only cultivated the masculine in herself and therefore cut off her emotions and her vulnerability as she needed to survive in this masculine world.  The masculine had also been lost as he could no longer balance himself through the feminine.  He forgot that there could not be a Father without a Mother. He became imbalanced through not recognising the feminine within him, so he became ruthless, materialistic and driven by power and conquest.

Now we are on that land we realise, she has been waiting for us all along waiting for us to call her and to let go so she can bring us back home to her.  We had lost our way through the mists of time, we could no longer reach her.  But now we were calling her, we needed her this yearning, this deep void could not be filled.  We had tried to fill it with so many things external things but the void grew deeper.  It took more and more to fill it and even then it felt empty of meaning or satisfaction.  There was no peace, just struggle an unending struggle.

As we find ourselves on land we realise she has been waiting for us through eons with arms outstretched.  To hold us, to be that soft place to land, the warmth, the love she has placed herself deep within our hearts.  She was there all along in the depths of our Souls.  We had always been able to access her through the openness of our own spirits, by opening ourselves to her fully, with deep vulnerability.  What we now realise is that it is only through the depths and darkness of the void that she can fill us to the brim with her love, we must remain open in order to receive her.  The door through our heart was never closed she was always waiting arms outstretched to receive us.  To welcome us home.

Love Always Layla <3

Photo Gaia by Felsus on Deviant Art


Found on pinterest Photo Gaia by Felsus on Deviant Art

Found on pinterest Photo Gaia by Felsus on Deviant Art


  1. Brawo. Gratulacje dla autora

  2. I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

    • You are very welcome Jann and appreciate your praise and interest in my work
      Please do not hesitate to contact me further if you would like to work with Layla at Surya Therapy


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