Tango of Creation

Tango of Creation

As our beloved Venus goes into retrograde, the stirring within my heart deepens.  I feel her going into the depths of the Universe.  Her departure from our Evening and Morning sky fills me with deep yearning for her return.  I contemplate on this yearning, this longing and I envision it as the magnetism that pulls at my heart.  The magnetism that pulls apart my cells, like the Sunflower who follows the Sun across the sky.  The pulling apart and the morphing of me, does it allow the Divine to enter?

The magnetism around us creates such feats to help us contemplate on its majesty.  One such feat is the Northern lights also known as the Aurora Borealis.  This majestic mystical spectacle is created when the crown of the Sun, sheds its light in the form of Solar winds and enters the Magnetic barrier around the Earth.  The magnetic barrier keeps the Earth absorbing the Solar winds, however in time barrier becomes stretched and allows some of the Solar rays into the Earth atmosphere.  When that happens the Solar winds ignite our night skies and become the dancing light.  It is the beautiful interplay of the Magnetic Earth atmosphere and the solar rays that create the Solar wind that dances.

As I contemplated on this amazing feat I was reminded of the longing for the Divine which creates the cosmic dance which lights up the heart and ignites the Soul.  So Dearest Souls here is my offering of Love, in homage to Venus going into Retrograde.  May your heart light up with Divine longing as you read these words and may your Soul dance with majesty.

Love Always Layla <3


Tango of Creation

Being pulled by the stars

My heart pumping to the Eternal beat of You

I dance the realms losing my sanity

I cannot fathom what is real or illusion

Fading to myself

I become a stranger

Such is the intoxicating pull of You

 I cannot think of one single thing that belongs to me

Everything known is turning to dust

Must I walk Eternity aching for you?


This tearing of my Soul

The string of the violin

I hear it calling You too

Is every cell of this entire Universe

Yearning You like I do?

You whisper so sweetly in my ear


‘Dance with Me.’

With the fire alighting my every step with you

I dance

Such passion, such Enchantment

Being moved stirred, not feeling me anymore

In your embrace

Where am I?

Where are You?

We dance till there is nothing left of our separation

Till everything returns to nothing

And We are the spark that ignites Creation itself.

© Layla


Art by Mark Spain








  1. Love this. So appropriate for me right now. Thank you for your continued inspiration and Divine Love.

    • Thank you so much for your ongoing love and appreciation lovely Sarah <3


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