Soul Mates and Twin Souls

Soul Mates and Twin Souls

Soul Mates and Twin Souls

So many of people have come to me regarding love relationships wanting to know whether the relationship they are experiencing is a Soul Mate or a Twin Flame. Many of the relationships that people have come to me about have been fraught with difficulty of some kind or another.
Although there has been a lot written about both Soul Mates and Twin Flames, it can get confusing especially when there is romantic ideology attached and any over emphasis on spiritual ideology without the practical essence of living on the 3D existence of planet Earth. So I felt compelled to put my thought out there for anyone who can find some healing or solace in my words.

Firstly the distinction of my understanding of Soul Mates and Twin Souls:-

Soul Mates

Soul Mates are those that come into our lives who we have deep bonds with. Usually from past lives and karmic connections. These can be plutonic friends or lovers. Those people that you meet and feel a bond and intimacy that cannot be explained. It runs deeper than even the relationship in this lifetime. It something that you can’t explain, you feel close to this person without any explanation.
Soul mates have incarnated on the Earth plane at various times on this Planet and we meet those people who we have had previous relationships with and these need either need to evolve in this lifetime for our Soul growth or have already evolved and are there for support these are usually on a plutonic level. If you have a soul mate relationship with someone on an intimate level then there will be plenty of opportunity for growth. Growth is the essence of our ever expanding consciousness however it is not easy. There will also be opportunities for Karmic balancing from many accumulated over lifetimes and those usually apply to those particularly painful relationships where things just cannot be explained in this lifetime alone. Soul Mate relationships are usually meant to expand our understanding of Love and our Heart Chakras through this expansion we are able to experience the intensity and depth it takes to evolve our consciousness.
There have been many stories of Soul Mate relationships over time such as the story Romeo and Juliet, Isolt and Tristan, Helen of Troy and Paris, Troilus and Cressida have been the tragic love stories of ages. Usually karmic relationships that were never meant to be together however they did unite with tragic consequences.
So if you are involved in a Soul mate relationship it is a very deep and volatile bond because of the deep connections over lifetimes. A modern day example could be Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne who have had a publicly volatile relationship spanning decades however despite splitting up they are still together. Also Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton who despite marrying other people still ended up together.

Twin Souls

Twin Souls are highly evolved beings that are the feminine and masculine principle of each other. In other words Divinity on Earth in male and female forms. They come on Earth with a mission to elevate human consciousness.
These were Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Radha and Krishna, Isis and Osiris these were all Divine beings on Earth who were here to lead mankind into higher realms of consciousness. They made high sacrifices to enable our Earth to be elevated. Through us tapping into their consciousness, they illuminate our path.

We as Humans have the opportunity to elevate our consciousness through sacrifice of our desires to reach this high level of love consciousness. They would support and elevate us to Divinity. These were the gems that they left us, ages after they left their mortal bodies. They live on through us, their love lives on through us.

What does that Mean for You?

It means that through those Soul Mates relationships we also have the opportunity to be elevated to Divinity. I have many people coming to me saying they are not able to be with their Soul Mate through circumstances in their lives. My question is always what is the cost? If they leave their current situations how will it affect their relationships? If the relationships they are wanting to leave are negative then the karma will possibly be balanced. However if they are thinking of leaving or causing pain to others and this is not the case. Then karma will affect them and their relationship to such an extent that they will not be able to be elevated and will end up paying a high price.
It’s never easy and the solutions are never simple, however there is always a cost and the questions is always what price are you willing to pay?
If you want to know more about your particular situation, please do not hesitate to contact me for consultation at as the work I do would involve looking into your soul contracts and how this is effecting your current relationships.
In the meantime let me leave you with this thought that whatever bond is bound in the highest form of Love can never be broken.

Love Never Dies

Who knows when love begins
Who knows what makes it start
One day it’s simply there
Alive inside your heart
It slips into your thoughts
It infiltrates your soul
It takes you by surprise
Then seizes full control
Try to deny it
And try to resist
But love won’t let you go
Once you’ve been possessed

Love never dies
Love never falters
Once it has spoken
Love is yours
Love never fades
Love never alters
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Hearts may get broken
Love endures

And soon as you submit
Surrender flesh and bone
That love takes on a life
Much bigger than your own
It uses you at whim
And drives you to despair
And forces you to feel
More joy than you can bear
Love gives you pleasure
And love brings you pain
And yet when both are gone
Love will still remain
Once it has spoken
Love is yours

Love never dies
Love never alters
Hearts may get broken
Love endures

Hearts may get broken
Love never dies
Love will continue
Love keeps on beating
When you’re gone
Love never dies
Once it is in you
Life may be fleeting
Love lives on
Life may be fleeting
Love lives on

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Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group from Andrew Lloyd Webbers Musical

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Much Love Mumtaz <3


  1. Hello Mumtaz,

    Thank you for the great post and the lovely poem! As a past life therapist, I have met many twin flames in this lifetime and past lives. The truth is that twin flames are soulmates who got into a sacred union. So this divine marriage is the ultimate connection of two soulmates who want to walk the same path. Twin flames do not come from the same soul who split in two parts but instead they are two different souls who decided to get their relationship to the next level. This concept honors the soul as it does not need someone to complete them but someone who can deeply understand them in every aspect. You are right about the karma and in the end, our twin flames and soulmates always show up in the right time. It does not matter in which form they come, they always have something to teach us.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


    • Thank you Zaria for your appreciation .. sending you infinite love <3


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