Sacred Relationships and Connection to Self

Sacred Relationships and Connection to Self

Sacred Relationships

Connection to Self and the Modern World

Our disconnection with nature has shown itself through dysfunction in relationships.  Our rhythms, our connection to the Cosmic and Earthly cycle, lies in the core of our understanding of our bodies and the self.  Our Ancient ancestors understood the Love Treeconnection between the Universe and Us and they revered the cycles of life.  Today we are taught to see ourselves as separate to all around us.

Modern technology and lack of time in solitude in nature has contributed greatly to our disconnection with self. When we are connected to the cycles of nature, and we are aware of the effects on our bodies and emotions.  We can then act on this understanding, and we can communicate our needs, and we are more likely to have our needs met through this clarity.  Yet modern culture has taught us to distance ourselves from ourselves. These are some of the ways we our disconnection is compounded;

  • Constantly being bombarded with information and distraction from ourselves.
  • The constant need to numb our emotional pain, through medication, overly doing and action, being caught up in co-dependent relationships, using alcohol and substances
  • Disconnection to the body, by going into the mind
  • Using our spirituality as an excuse to not address our emotions and create a misunderstanding of non-attachment.

So how can we learn to connect with the self?

  • By learning to connect with the emotional self you can then learn to become aware of your emotions and not react through them. Finding ways of allowing your emotions to flow through you.  There are many ways of learning to do this some effective ways are, finding a suitable therapist in psychotherapy, EFT or other modalities.  When you learn that you are not the emotions you can learn to use them as a tool to navigate where you are in relation to yourself and what your needs are that specific time.
  • By connected your mind to your body and healing the disconnection, movement such as dance, yoga and even having body healing such as reiki and massage can help with the connection.
  • Spending time in nature, sitting watching the clouds, watching the birds, noticing the trees and plants around you. Watching the seasons and noticing how each cycle has its own depth.  Noticing the effects of each change on your moods and emotions.
  • Learning about the cycles of the Moon and how each cycles is in balance between action, reflection, rest and replenishment.
  • Finding out about your astrological chart and what cosmic makeup you have, this understanding helps with awareness of what planets and star systems you are
  • effected by and how.

Simple Exercise to Try

AttractionRight now tap into yourself.  Place your hand on your heart and breathe slowly a few times.  Then ask yourself, ‘what is going on within me right now?’

You may not able to connect the first few times, but the more you do this exercise the more will be able to get in touch with yourself.  If frustration arises within you then explore the frustration how is this frustration feel to you, notice the effects of frustration in your body.  Which parts are feeling tense or stiff?  How has your breathing changed, notice all the subtle changes frustration has effected your body.

You may be asking this is all great information but what does it have to do with sacred relationships. Well the answer to your question is simple.  How can we have a relationship with another if we cannot first have one with ourselves?  When we externalise we seek ourselves outside of ourselves.   We are almost trained to look outside of ourselves and to identify what we don’t want.  Yet without an understanding of our needs we cannot know what we want or even who we want.


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Art by Toni Carmine Solerno

© Love Always Layla

Kuan Yin


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