Sacred Grove of the Mystic Mother

Sacred Grove of the Mystic Mother

Sacred Grove of the Mystic Mother

Deep inside the wooded land I go, I go further and further until I hear only the call of the birds between the trees. She is calling me I hear her voice as she sings the melody of the blackbird. My heart races as I get closer and closer to the voice that pulls like a magnetic force.  The leaves rustle as if whispering her name, the trees stand in Majesty as if guarding her Ancient land.  Her voice is pulling my heart it races with each call.  Then I see them the blue bells dancing in the sunlight as it streams into the circle of trees who stand like sentinels.  Antennas plugged into the skies a portal into the hidden lands.

What is this place, where has she has beckoned me to? Where am I?

I step into the circle my heart still racing, suddenly the songs of the birds stop I hear no sound, there is stillness, silence.  In between the streams of sunlight I see her.  Her eyes meet mine and I am enchanted for within her I see the cosmic galaxies swirling and yet my heart is still, at peace.  She speaks with softness;

‘Come my child sit with me at last you have come I have been calling you for Eons!’

I sit still mesmerised and stunned by her presence.

‘But who are you?’

‘Why child you have forgotten me! I have been waiting for you and you do not recognise me.  I am Nemetona.  These Sacred Groves they are attuned to me, they await within wooded lands across the world.  These Sacred circles the power points of the Earth hidden and awaiting to be discovered and once again opened as portal to the Cosmos.  I am the guardian and the ancient Priestess of these Circles.  I have been awaiting Eons for you to come to me so that I can once again, open and activate these portals of Energy and Light.  To bring peace and healing through these Circles to the Earth. ‘

‘But what can I do?’

‘What can you do?  You are the bridge between the worlds my child you can bring my energy into all spaces within the world.  I am not only in this grove but if you listen to the stillness of your heart I reside there.  You can connect to me through any Sacred Grove connect with me and then go out in the world creating sacred circles of peace wherever you go.  This will heal the land and mankind go spread the word to all who hear my call for they will listen to my voice deep inside the stillness of their hearts.  They will connect with me and they too will create circles of healing and peace, medicine wheels within this world.’

She holds me with her embrace that soothes every longing of my heart for her love is flowing through like waves on an open shore.  I don’t know how long I lay there in her arms soaking up her eternal love, for when I opened my eyes she was gone.  Yet I still felt her presence within my heart she was still there inside me to connect with whenever I yearned.

I am calling to you, whoever reads these words and connects to her, can you hear her?

Is she calling you? Has she guided you to these words?

For she wants you to go wherever you can find some wooded land or place where the trees form a circle and connect to her.  She is calling for our help Dear ones we are the bridge between the worlds the Cosmic and Earth together we can heal our beautiful Earth.  Just through connecting with the stillness within ourselves, then creating circles that hold this stillness around the world.  Creating Medicine Wheels.

If you would like to know more about Nematona and her message for you Dearest ones please contact me at

Together we can heal ourselves and our blessed Earth.

Much Love to You <3

Image is called Queen of the Forest by Maillevin Journeying with the Goddess

Found on Pinterest.Com



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