Sacred Baptism of the Christed Light

Sacred Baptism of the Christed Light

Sacred Baptism of the Christed Light


The whole history of western civilization is epitomized in the cult of Mary Magdalene. For many centuries the most obsessively revered of saints, this woman became the embodiment of Christian devotion, which was defined as repentance. Yet she was only elusively identified in Scripture, and has thus served as a scrim onto which a succession of fantasies has been projected. In one age after another her image was reinvented, from prostitute to sibyl to mystic to celibate nun to passive helpmeet to feminist icon to the matriarch of divinity’s secret dynasty. How the past is remembered, how sexual desire is domesticated, how men and women negotiate their separate impulses; how power inevitably seeks sanctification, how tradition becomes authoritative, how revolutions are co-opted; how fallibility is reckoned with, and how sweet devotion can be made to serve violent domination—all these cultural questions helped shape the story of the woman who befriended Jesus of Nazareth.

Who was she? From the New Testament, one can conclude that Mary of Magdala (her hometown, a village on the shore of the Sea of Galilee) was a leading figure among those attracted to Jesus. When the men in that company abandoned him at the hour of mortal danger, Mary of Magdala was one of the women who stayed with him, even to the Crucifixion. She was present at the tomb, the first person to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection and the first to preach the “Good News” of that miracle. These are among the few specific assertions made about Mary Magdalene in the Gospels. From other texts of the early Christian era, it seems that her status as an “apostle,” in the years after Jesus’ death. This prominence derived from the intimacy of her relationship with Jesus, which, according to some accounts, had a physical aspect that included kissing. A lot about the mystical figure of Mary Magdalene has been hidden, yet now it is time to unveil her.  Instead of asking the question who is she? We can now ask, who is she to me? Only from the inner sanctum of the heart can this question be truly answered.

On this sacred day of the feast of Mary Magdalene I was gifted this blessing, of experiencing her in my deepest sanctuary.  I share with you dearest Souls, this experience and tell this sacred story so you too can revel in her light as it ignites you to your own sacredness.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also helps us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

We Begin

I am awoken by the sound of footsteps.  The Moon is in its dark phase and there is no Moon light, just the darkness of the night.  As I try to make out from the outline of the shadows, if there is someone standing before me. It takes time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but before this happens I see a light, a flame appears on a candle. I jump back startled my heart racing.  Then I hear her soothing voice;

‘Do not be startled dearest One, I have come on your request.’

As my eyes adjust to the candlelight I see her face glowing from the flame, it is luminescent. I recognise her as Mary Magdalene.  As I sit up in recognition, she moves closer, and sits at my bedside and places the candle on the night stand.MMa 2

We look into each other’s eyes, with deep recognition, and tears flow from my eyes.  She cups my face with her hand and wipes away the tears, with her soft hands.  All the while looking deeply into my eyes with such love, that I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

She then pulls me closer and holds me in a tender embrace, stroking my hair.  As I allow the dam of my heart to completely open, I sob in her arms.  She lovingly and patiently holds me.  Until I have emptied myself, no longer feeling the separation between us.  I then move to look at her, with my tear stained face. She uses her soft red garment to wipe my face. Then she places her hand on my heart.  I feel her healing balm, pulsating energy from her hand, soothing me.  Yet even then I knew the energy she was transferring into me, was going beyond time and space.  She then speaks in her soft velvety voice;

‘My sweet Goddess you are holding onto so much despair, why is this?’

I reply, my voice still shaking with emotion.

‘I don’t know, I thought I had let go.’

‘My dearest One, sometimes you hold on to shield yourself.  This is not pain from just this lifetime, nor is it just yours alone.  You hold within the collective pain of the feminine.  Even now when you experience the slavery, subjugation and silencing of your sisters, you feel the pain.  Searing piercing through your body.  I understand this pain, every status or recognition was snatched from me. At the death of my Beloved, I was shunned and driven away, by those I held close to me.  They did this because they were afraid of my power, the feminine power.  That is capable of such love beyond the pain and torture. It is the love they fear the most, melting away any remnants of betrayal. ‘

Love is like a mirror, when you yourself rise in love, you become luminescent.  Instead of being porous you become a reflective surface energetically. All hatred, greed, manipulation, struggle for power, just flow off the surface of love.  All the while love envelopes and expands beyond any limitation. Instead of retaliation, the perpetrator only receives a completely blank surface with no projection.  This is why many fear love, as it becomes the mirror reflecting back, rather than the projection which they are used to being able to manipulate. But tell me Oh Sweetest One, how can one manipulate one with no agenda, but Love?’Self

I look at her glowing beautiful face in silence, then a question arises.

‘But how do I do that?’

She smiles lovingly whilst smoothing my hair, she the touches my forehead and then my heart and she states;

‘By looking through your third eye and your heart, connecting within the truth will reveal itself, even if you don’t fully understand it.  Then you surrender whatever arises to the Divine Will.  If you need help with this call on me. ‘

Yet if you let go of trying to resolve and let it go in surrender to the Divine Will, saying the words’ Thy will be Done in Love I surrender’.  Just as my Beloved was crucified you will crucify your will.  And as he rose in oneness with Divinity.  You too will rise in Divine Will.’

MMa 4As she said these words she traced the symbol of the cross with her middle finger on my forehead and on my heart.  A peace ensued my whole body as I drifted into a state of complete surrender. In Oneness with the sacred Christ Light.  Her form shone transparent light, as she joined in union with her Love.  Together in union I became them and them me. As we shone transcending all form into oneness of All, I Am, to the place where there is no I.



Sacred Ritual

As you read the story trace with your middle finger the cross both on your forehead and over your heart.  Saying the words ‘Thy will be Done, In love I surrender.’

Balancing the Masculine Energy

With all that is happening in the world it is time to not only heal the wounded Feminine but also the wounded Masculine. It is time to help the wounded Masculine within us all male and female, and to balance and search for what it is to be the Divine Masculine. What we are seeing in the world the Patriarchal view point is not the balanced Conscious Male.
Let’s together pray for the Healing of the Divine Masculine within Us all and well as for those unconscious to the love that exists within them.

Man of Power, Man of Fire
Man who liberates heart’s desire
Man within and Man without
Man stronger than fear or doubt
Father, Warrior, Leader, Lover
Protector, Hunter, Teacher, Brother
Man Divine, Man of Love
Man of Earth, Man of Heaven above

Your Strength, My Strength
Your Power, My Power
Your Love, My Love
Integrity, Honour, Compassion, Protection
Tenderness, Stability, Passionate Attention
Man Divine, Man of Love
Man of Earth, Man of Heaven above

Prayer by Alana Fairchild

Art by Lily Moses & Various Artists

MMa 1

© Layla @ Surya Therapy

You tube Healing music by Tom Kenyon – Songs of Magdalen.





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