Roar of Sovereignty

Roar of Sovereignty

Dearest Souls hope this post finds you all Well and riding the cosmic wave of life with vigour and courage. This have been testing times for most, as the world around us appears to make less and less sense.  Yet here we are, there are no coincidences.  We are here, you are here in this body in this lifetime, this specific time for a reason.  That reason is to embody the love that you are. Despite all the external distractions that whisper words of illusion in your ear.

It takes immense courage and conviction to stay open and vulnerable in a world that teach us to fight and to struggle.  To close off to each other and to imprison ourselves in our own confusion. You are those courageous Souls who are destined to anchor your light into this World.  I am so in awe of your majesty.

A few days ago whilst contemplating on the Full Moon in Leo, the words that were very clear were

‘Arise’. So dearest Souls I have put together those words that almost burnt me whilst coming through, roaring out from my pen onto paper. You are also welcome to use them as part of a sacred ceremony for the Full Moon in Leo that will grace our night sky tonight, yet has already entered into our energy fields.


Roar of Sovereignty

My Feet falter, my steps are hesitant

Yet I Rise,

Through the shadows there is no salvation

Yet I Rise,

This burning fire raging like an inferno,

Yet I Rise,

I am afraid of my own power and my weakness.

Yet I Rise,

My Mind shouts insults of shame and judgement

Yet I Rise.

The world around is in Chaos and Rage

So I Rise

No Matter where I go I cannot escape myself

So I Rise

I finally look deep into my own eyes, I see my Humanity

So I Rise

Again and Again

I Rise

Knowing my own fragility, knowing my own destruction

I Rise

No longer can I run, no longer will I hide,

Instead I Rise

So many Eons, So many lifetimes

Through the hurt and pain, my body remembers

I Rise

Each time I Rise, I embody the phoenix

Rising out the ashes of my own limitations

Each time I Rise, I roar like the Lunar Lion

Claiming my own Sovereignty, my Majesty, my Worth

I Rise as the Light of Divinity that I AM.

©  Layla



This is such a gift to us this present energy of empowerment.

Please accept my humble offering to you courageous Souls, in honour of the Leo Moon.

Love Always Layla <3

Art by Stephanie Pui Min Law





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