Rainbow – Hope

Rainbow – Hope
Found on KT KING facebook

Found on KT KING facebook

After a turbulent week of change the rainbow is here to offer hope.
After the eclipses and Cosmic energies shifting this week has been a challenge for many this is due to our light bodies letting go of that which no longer serves us. This is not always easy and if there have been things in your life that you have wanted to change or that you may become complacent to. This energy will not allow you to stay stuck, it will alert you in ways that are not always pleasant.
So there has been frustrations, depression, loss and grief going on this week. Of all the things that we wanted and didn’t get sorrow or feeling weary that things will never move forward. Replaying old life dramas and feelings of disappointments and apathy.
The struggle is happening on the astral body and we are feeling it within our depths. On the physical plane there has been turbulence in Chile and Nepal with the Earth plane shifting. Its not easy but things will ease off this week and you will feel the benefit of the changes as we near the union between the masculine and feminine energies with the midway point between Spring and Summer.

If you want to know more about how changes effect you and for a reading contact me at suryatherapy.com
Our Love and Prayers to all those effected in Nepal and Chile, also those who have suffered loss.
Much Love heart emoticon

Written on 26.4.15

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