Portal of Light the 11: 11 Gateway – New Moon in Scorpio

Portal of Light the 11: 11 Gateway – New Moon in Scorpio

Portal of Light the 11: 11 Gateway – New Moon in Scorpio

In that 11th hour when you feel you cannot continue is when the biggest breakthroughs occur. Those revelations that are Soul healing that stay with you for lifetimes.  The lead up to this New Moon is the dark night of the Soul that gut wrenching pain.  That feeling when your wounds are wide open, and you are wincing from being hurt any further from the process.  The stripping away of layers of what is no longer fitting on this journey towards ourselves.  Here we are standing some of us crawling and dragging ourselves, as we are not even able to stand and walk.  Yet we are being urged courageous people to step through this portal of the New Moon gateway on the 11t night of the 11th month.

This New Moon is the darkest of nights astrologically as both the New Moon and the Sun are in Scorpio, the symbol of death and rebirth ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto.  Yet in this darkest hour we have been given a lifeline as the New Moon falls on the 11th night of the 11th month November.  The day of peace, the day of the Angels, as well as the sacred Diwali the festival of light.  We are being supported by the Divine and the Angelic forces.  As in our embracing of our deepest of fears, our shadows, our limiting belief, our childhood traumas and scars, the wounds of many lifetimes.  In this darkest hour we are given a Portal of Light to walk through.

So Dear Courageous Souls do not give up, drag yourselves, even with the pain, through gritted teeth through the aching resistance that the body feels, through this Portal of Light.  We are being taken apart to be reconstructed.  What we see in our visions and dreams, the world of love and peace is not what we see outside in reality of the world at large.  We have the opposing forces of Neptune and Saturn, Neptune holding the vison of what we want our world to be and Saturn what the world is at present in our perceived reality.   This is causing us great conflict.  Yet Dear Courageous people we need to hold steady and not get lost in our dreams of what we want and escaping into what could be, and neither should we get lost in the perceived reality of what is and get involved in the drama.  We need to hold ourselves in the awareness of what is happening and somehow not take it personally.

We are being taken into new knowing, our bodies are activating new codes through this Portal of Light, to help us through the times to come.  These are indeed mysterious and unknown times.  We tread this path and yet have no map.  It is uncomfortable as growth is, birthing is uncomfortable and painful, yet how else would we birth the new level of consciousness that is now needed.  If we are to embrace ourselves individually, and in doing so elevate collective human consciousness.  Our evolution is what is needed in order for our beautiful planet Earth and our species to survive.

Do not give up Dear light workers those of you who are reading this and know that you are here and that your life purpose is to elevate Human consciousness, you are so very Loved and needed.  Each and every one of you are precious and are needed to help humanity.  You are now re remembering your life mission and this is not an easy task.  Yet know that you are never alone, you are supported and loved beyond measure.  The Divine, God/ Goddess, Angels, Ascended Masters, your guardian and spirit guides and Elemental forces are here waiting to connect with you and support you at this pivotal moment in the Evolution of Collective Human Consciousness.

Together We Stand <3

So Much Love

Mumtaz <3

Image by HD trip by Tumblir.com

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