Portal of Dreams

Portal of Dreams

Blood Moon

Dearest Souls, I hope this post finds you well.

Let me start with talking a little about the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, with the Sun in Capricorn. It is the first one of 2020 and opens up the portal for great transformation to take place. This portal is also aided with the energy of the Saturn and Pluto alignment the energies of which have been building since 2012 and have now completed a cycle of 34 years. So if you look back at the 34 years ago where were you, if you were indeed born!!

All of the planets together influencing this portal of energy, are Saturn that also rules Capricorn, the Moon rules Cancer so the Moon energy, the Sun with the Eclipse traveling across the Moon and Pluto. Pluto was formally called a planet, however the influence of energy has not changed since Pluto has been reclassified. Pluto is the energy of transformation, often portrayed as the energy of destruction and death, in order for transformation to occur. Saturn is often called the Lord of Karma and the therefore is the force of nature behind the lessons our Earthly lives bring to us. The Moon is the nurturing mother energy and Saturn is the father, our Divine parents helping us walk through that portal of Dreams.

So my beautiful Souls this time is helping us to master our karmic lessons, by asking what is that you desires and yet has eluded you all this time in your Earthly life?  This is where your focus is to be, this is the core of your life lesson. Year 2020 is about Dream fulfillment. It is the year when your deepest of impulses can be manifested on the Earthly plane. However only through faith, surrender and handing over that desire wholeheartedly to the Universe. Yet remaining focussed on that impulse that drives the desire. To act when prompted to act, to rest when prompted to rest, to follow and trust in yourself and the universal with unwavering faith.

At this auspicious time, take time out in nature, perform a ceremony of love and gratitude for all that you have been gifted, and to thank the Universe and the Divine Source of Light, your Guardians, Angels and Ancestors for all their support.

Love to you Always Layla <3

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