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natural healing using light energy (Surya means Sun) to help improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Are you stressed and tired and feeling there is nowhere to turn?
Or are you experiencing loneliness and depression, and is your well-being and health affected?
Maybe you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated and unfocused, and feel like no matter how hard you try you just cannot attract the things in your life that you most desire.
You may be experiencing worry or concern about your child and need someone to talk to
We specialize in working with children and young people and have tailor-made treatments on offer.

Help, Healing and Support is Available

We provide a safe and confidential service, where you can just be yourself.
No need to carry your burdens with you, we can help lighten the load.
We have many therapies and treatments on offer contact us for more details.
Even if you’re just wanting that time for yourself to unwind, relax and feel pampered.
We have a variety of treatments on offer in a nurturing and soothing environment.
If you have any questions or queries we would be happy to help.
We also provide treatments over the phone in the comfort of your home if you cannot travel to us.
For more information on this service and any of our treatments and therapies please give us a call for a consultation.


I came to Surya Therapy with no knowledge or understanding of crystal reiki and healing. I didn’t even recognise my problem as something I needed to deal with.  Because I guess I just hoped things would change.

How my life changed?

Some crystal reiki and Angel readings left me feeling at ease, as though weight had been lifted but also as though I could now work through anything. I look back at my Angel readings and they were spot on….With the events that unfolded Surya Therapy readings have given me great insight into where I was and where I was headed !! Having experienced some of those events already.

Surya Therapy are very Knowledgeable …this gave me great confidence in them and made me feel so comfortable as I also left feeling refreshed more confident and most importantly … Happy


Leeds West Yorkshire

I can’t thank Surya Therapy enough for the healing that you sent me over the phone… I was feeling very hurt and unsettled and then I spoke to you. The healing you gave me was amazing and I felt uplifted, peaceful and the pain in my heart completely went after receiving healing and this was over the phone!! Thanks you so much I can’t thank you enough.


West Yorkshire

Surya Therapy  Thank You so much you helped me get my life back on track. I was so stuck and I didn’t know where to turn and I did the chakra work with you and it was intense and I released a lot of pain … I hadn’t even cried for years but you helped me release all the pain and the first time in years I was able to cry and get it all out of my system.  Since following your guidance I have started university and really have taken control of my own life.

You also worked with my son and the impact that has had on our relationship and his progress has been remarkable. The guidance you gave me to support my son was simple and practical..  I really can’t thanks you enough … you have really helped me change my life to a more positive and productive one.



I just wanted to say that after the Angel reiki that I received I was amazed at the results. I felt so light and happy, I released some emotions that I no longer needed to carry around with me.  I felt more connected to my daughter, the Angels kept on giving me signs and messages wherever I go and the feeling of happiness has continued long after the reiki.

Everyone keeps complimenting me on the glow I have and how good I look and I feel that this is the result of the Angel Reiki. I keep attracting good and positive things into my life and I feel so much closer to the Angels… I even found my crystals that I had lost. I feel on top of the world … So HAPPY.. Thank You so much Surya Therapy.. I can’t wait to bring my daughter to you.



Union of Polarity

Dearest Souls these words came to me as I contemplated on the feelings of complete loneliness that consume me at times.  I wonder if you have these feelings too at times, if so you may find solace as I did from the message that came through this poem.   Union of... read more

Divine Lover

Divine Lover The mist is lingering and the trees stand tall Like mystical creatures, coming awake from Eons of sleep My breath is heavy, my chest heaves As I run from tree to tree The wind howls, through the shadows My hair is dishevelled, wet from anticipation My... read more

Demon of Love Lilith

Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled. Although Lilith has often been depicted as a demon with dark traits, this is not a true... read more

A New Gown

Are you ready to cast aside your rags and wear the robe of Sovereignty? Let Layla show you who you truly are Beloved. Walk the path of the Sovereign and claim your Throne. Do not waste this lifetime in Doubt and Disdain. Weary and consumed by longing, I was caressed... read more

Claiming your Sovereignty – Chanting Down Babylon

Claiming your Sovereignty – Chanting Down Babylon When you are sitting and allowing, where are your thoughts? When you are watching the world burn and the only thing that you think of is pleasing others  Where are your thoughts? Feel that anger raging inside like a... read more

Longing the Embrace

Longing the Embrace I wake yet I’m asleep  What is this state between waking and sleeping I experience. My body is functioning yet my heart is left somewhere, where is it I cannot find, Then the longing, the weeping of my Heart, a missing piece fragmented through... read more

Enchanted Lover

Enchanted Lover Deep in the Woods as you call me, through the wilderness,  I run, wild in with your love I dance  The snowflakes caressing my face like crystal jewels, As I whirl and move with the wind caressing me in its embrace. You whisper in my ear, I feel your... read more

Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You My head is full of You So full that it is bursting like a Supernova Stars shining through Me Beyond even my own perception of Me Where am I ? Who am I? The Cosmic Sky replies, We are One. I am whirling in the Galaxies, Dancing with the Stars Swinging... read more

Birth of Possibility

Birth of Possibility Spinning in the Galaxies  No direction, No destination afloat, suspended Where am I? Where am I going? No direction, No destination panic and fear seize my heart  each time I try to grasp  a route, a person, a feeling it all turns to dust. Then I... read more

Rising of Aphrodite

Rising of Aphrodite Seek and you will find me  In the crest of the wave On the shores of Oceans On the curve of your body Deep in the core of you In the pulse of your desire Where there is laughter Joy and Merriment I am there I am also there when you feel unworthy... read more

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