Ostara Rising

Ostara Rising

Dearest Souls
I hope this post finds you well. There has been so much happening in the world with the pandemic of Coronavirus. That life feels almost surreal, like a film or a dream we are going to awake from. There is fear and panic, yet there is also love and compassion in equal measure. Which are we focusing on, where is our attention going?

It is not to say that at times it is not OK to feel scared, anxious and sad. At the loss of our loved ones or the loss of our income and stability. These are all factors that are affecting many of us across the globe. The fear of the uncertainty is can feel real and valid. I want you to know that I hear you, beautiful Souls. I hear your pain and I feel your anguish.

Yet this is also a time of greatness, a chance for humanity to take a leap. A path of accelerated growth, for those who have the heart to choose with conscious awareness. It is a crossroads where we have a chance to tip the balance in favour of Love.

This is a sacred and powerful time, tomorrow is the Spring/ Autumn Equinox. For the Northern Hemisphere this is a time where the Light grows in strength and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Dark that grows. This portal of energy is a doorway. Where if we enter with conscious awareness we have the power to transform ourselves and our world. There is immense potential for the creative forces of nature to work with us, as allies.

By acknowledging their support and eagerness to help us, we can tap into this supportive energy. So no matter where you are, whether you are able to access the outdoors or not. You can tap into this great energetic force. The trees are calling you to join them, so that they can help ground and support you. The nature spirits of water will help cleanse and heal. The Cosmic forces of the Universe will help elevate and fill your fatigued heart with hope. The warmth and light of fire will help you ignite that spark, that may have been distinguished. Instilling courage and strength. Together these elements of nature wll support resilience to face what will come with fortitude and Love.

Let this time remind you are so Loved, that you and the natural forces are not separate. In fact it has been this separation that has caused this imbalance. The arrogance of Man to think that he can have power over nature. What we have forgotten is that we are part of nature itself. By denying part of ourselves, we can not evolve and reach our full potential.

I leave you with this prayer of Love. May you Beautiful Souls stay Blessed Always <3

A Call to Prayer

Here and Now before Earth and Sky
We stand
We feel the blessing of Infinite Love
In our bones
In our blood
In our breath
In our hearts
We open our eyes
To see beyond what we have seen before
We open our ears to hear what we could not hear before
Beyond limitation
Beyond the Beyond
We feel a new story emerging from ourselves
And rippling out into our Lucid bodies
As waves of love remind us of who we really are
Dissolve us into all we have always meant to be
And the layers between us and who we were meant to be fade away
And suddenly we realise we are all we could dream to Be
To see without eyes
To walk without feet
And to fly without wings

This is My prayer for You 💙

From Mother of Souls by Estas Tonne
Love Always Layla <3

Art from Various artists of Ostara Rising.

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