New Moon Solar Eclipse- Portal of the Water Dragon

New Moon Solar Eclipse- Portal of the Water Dragon

New Moon Solar Eclipse- Portal of the Water Dragon

In the dark Moon we are delving into the depths with no place to land. The void, the expanse, the Solar eclipse in Cancer. It is a rare and potent time for both the Sun and Moon in Cancer. As the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, the Moon energy is at it heights. The ancients called this phenomenon of the Solar Eclipse, the serpent swallowing the Sun. Water dragon

The serpent water dragon calls us from the deep dark waters, from the depths within our cellular memory. For all that we have forgotten, is returning within our watery bodies. The memories of our existence, our creation, our heritage. She calls us through the emotions, as they rage through our bodies like waves crashing against the shore. When will we listen to them, instead of getting carried away by those feelings, or trying to suppress them. To hear what they have to tell us and show us.  It is the blood watery and flowing through our veins. That at first whispers and eventually screams, like a caged dragon clambering to break free. Break those chains of subjugation to free Her.

The new Moon heralds new beginnings, the energy is potent, the portal created by the Sun and Moon in union. Alchemy of the Solar and Lunar energy, allow the magic and magnetism to activate your memory. To remember who you are. Your destiny, your calling. Let me ask you dear Soul, who are you?

The dragon is in your DNA, the DNA of mother Earth and the Universe. This Eclipse is the gateway your soul memory. Do not be a victim to the amnesia, that those who want to keep you as a slave numbed by external distractions. Awaken to yourself, your sovereignty and your destiny. Remember Who you are. Allow the ocean of your subconscious to flow, be ignited by the electrical charge of the Sun and Moon union. To activate the universal memory of human consciousness. To remember that you are not a slave, but the sovereign of your own heart and destiny. To discover your path of victory to the Divine feminine energy. Will you be a victim of amnesia for another Eon and only awaken to your own destruction? Or will you rise from the slumber of forgetfulness to remember why you chose this lifetime. dragon cancer

You are the flowing stream and the raging river, the depths of the ocean and the maker of storms.
Remember your power, your essence the core of your being.
You are life and destruction itself.
The question is what will you give life to, and what will you destroy?
© Layla
Art by Anne Stokes. The cover art by unknown artist.


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