New Moon is Leo – Mirror of the Universe

New Moon is Leo – Mirror of the Universe

Soul Retrival

So it is the time of going within, with courage in our hearts. The Sirius star has risen, and the Lions Gate has opened. The portal of the Eclipses have now been sealed. All that we have sown in those times, are now in the  gardens of the universe, in the womb of the almighty mother.

At this time we stand to retrieve all parts of us that span across time and space. We call back back all those parts of ourselves that we have given away, or have been taken away. We allow ourselves to sit in the chasm of the healing chamber, the Obsidian cave of darkness and fire. Burning away all that is no longer needed. As we sit in the cave, the dark obsidian glass shines with our light. Our own reflection looks back at us. The deeper we can look into our own eyes. The more we retrieve to ourselves.

The nights sky reflects back at us through the universal mirror of the Moon, it is the depth of oblivion. Yet if we allow the magical magnetic energy of this dark Moon. To penetrate deep within each cell of our body. It will awaken and retrieve. Can you feels its immense energy as it surges through you? It is the courage and the fortitude of the Lion, in its noblest, and most magnificent form. Enjoy this Boon, allow the energy to soak deep within your Soul. Allow the energy to awaken your memory .

What hidden treasure and gifts are awaiting to be discovered within you? O sacred Child of the Universe.

Art from unknown artists.

Soul retrieval card by Alana Fairchild Isis Oracle

Layla ©

fantasy beautiful woman portrait with flower, composite photo

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