New Moon in Scorpio – Gateway through the Veil

New Moon in Scorpio – Gateway through the Veil

Dearest Souls, I hope this post finds you all well. As these are times where we must keep our wits about us. It is a delicious time of curiosity, exploration of the dark energies within us and external to us. The darkness has its lure of excitement and seduction, that can be enticing to our senses that may be feeling dampened by the mundane everyday. It it easier to become unbalance as the darkness threatens to overwhelm our senses. Particularly if you live in the northern hemisphere. Where the balance between light has moved towards the stronghold of the dark. This New Moon in Scorpio is the gateway through the veil. This weekend also marks Diwali the festival of light, where light is celebrated within the Dark reign. Ultimately this New Moon can be used with conscious awareness as the gateway to our transformation.

For this transformation it is for us to go beyond the layer of seduction where the Darkness whispers into your ear. With sweet words of temptation. Many have been taken over by this first layer, given themselves to this hedonistic part of the self. Where power and allurement can play a heady part to enthrall our being. Yet if we go deeper, journey further through the gateway. Using the energy of Scorpio, we reach the second layer of energy from the Scorpion to the Snake.  The Snake usher us to raise the energy from our sexual parts to our Kundalini. The Snake is the archaic symbol of transformation. The snake shed its skin and this is the symbol of  rebirth. The sexual energy and creative energies if used with conscious intention. Moving up the Kundalini. The Seven chakras of the body and activating the two additional chakras. The Earth Star chakra that roots us to the Earth going deeply through he Earth, and reaching the Stars. The ninth chakra has been called the Mouth of God, Seat of the Soul.It allows access to your soul’s code or higher purpose. It can be seen as the door to archetypal energies, or patterns that play an important role in shaping our destiny.

Once we activate the kundalini energies to reach all our nine chakras. We reach the zenith of the Scorpion energy the Eagle / Phoenix energy. Where we see beyond the veil of death to the everlasting Soul that we are. In this energy we are able to encounter the gift of past lives, access the akashic records of our ancestors, and communicate with Divine Spirit. This was a sacred time for our ancestors as in each indigenous culture. This fertile time was celebrated and revered. The celts celebrated Samhain, that has become the All Hollows Eve and Halloween. The Nordic celebrated Alfablot, the sacrifice to the Eleven towards the end of Autumn. Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico, has its origins in Aztec traditions honoring the dead.

It is my prayer to you Dearest Souls, that you are able to delve deep within yourselves to journey. At this time to declutter or shed what you no longer required. Or that is already dead within your space. This is for your physical space as well as your personal space. Then with renewed energy focus of your energies to rise and allow the messages to come through your intuition. For what is required for your journey and ongoing quest. Remember you are never alone you have assistance from ancestors, Angels and Celestial beings, Gods and Goddesses. Whatever your faith or walk of life.

I leave you with this beautiful prayer.  Found in Mother of Souls by Estas Tonne.

A Call to Prayer

Here and Now before Earth and Sky
We stand
We feel the blessing of Infinite Love
In our bones
In our blood
In our breath
In our hearts
We open our eyes
To see beyond what we have seen before
We open our ears to hear what we could not hear before
Beyond limitation
Beyond the Beyond
We feel a new story emerging from ourselves
And rippling out into our Lucid bodies
As waves of love remind us of who we really are
Dissolve us into all we have always meant to be
And the layers between us and who we were meant to be fade away
And suddenly we realise we are all we could dream to Be
To see without eyes
To walk without feet
And to fly without wings
This is My prayer for You. 

Love Always Layla <3

Art from Unknown Artist.

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