New Moon in Sagittarius Portal of Time

New Moon in Sagittarius Portal of Time

Dearest Soul I hope this post finds you in good spirits. Though the world is showing you time and time again that chaos rules. It is actually the case? The deep velvety sky of darkness beckons you to think again. To step into the darkness enveloping you  To let it devour you, to allow it to feast on your senses, to covet your sanity. To travel deep within its depths, to find the true sanctuary. The space between time, where the strands of consciousness form. What if you follow the threads? Where will they lead you too? Is it safe? Will you come out alive or even in one piece?

My dear when was safety your calling? You can feel your calling deep within your veins yet you smother that fire. You seek safety, you seek peace. Yet they are nowhere to be found. Why is that? If you follow the chaos, deep within its chasms each step at a time focusing on your breath. You will find that deep within Chaos, there is a space there. There in that darkness, there is a place to land. Through the jagged edges there is softness, in the empty space there is fullness. In this space you are the dreamer and the dream. You are the magic and the magician, the weaver of time.

This New Moon is the portal into such space, this sacred space is always around you within you yet at the time the veil between the illusion of separation between you, and this space is thin. You can reach out and feel it, experience it. The Sun and Moon is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and illumination. So the energy of this boon is here to help you. To guide you into this space, where you can stretch out your Soul and grow. The energy is here to help you focus and aim for your destiny. There is hope there is optimism that indeed you can create the world you wish to live in and experience. You are the indeed the one your ancestors dreamed of, the pioneer of a New Age.

The mandala is for new beginnings if you focus on the energy you will find great strength and purpose. The mandala will help you focus your senses, and hone in that energy to help you travel within. This mandala was inspired for my beautiful sister Carol Ann Weber, who lost her home in a fire this week. Whose fiery fierce Soul and determination helped bring through the energy I am sharing with you all here. Please take as you need.



May you find what you are searching for. May love always illuminate each step you take. As you travel onward into your journey from yourself to yourself.

Love Always



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