Goddess Athena and the Veil between the Worlds

Goddess Athena and the Veil between the Worlds

AthenaGoddess Athena and the Veil between the Worlds

As the New Moon enters Leo the Lioness roars to be heard through the depth of the dark night sky.

As the powerful full blue Moon from the 31st July now becomes the New Moon the energy becomes potent.  It links to the depth of the shadow and hidden self, there lies the key to the mysteries of the Universe.  The untamed Lioness within is searching for her Sovereignty in the depths of the darkness.  It is the Owl who can travel the dimensions of the night that she calls for help to navigate the way.  It is Goddess Athena who hears the call and comes to her aid.

Athena 2The night blankets the sky across the horizon and the Moon lights the sea like a cosmic mirror reflecting the stars.  The mountains hold their stillness as the waves carry the breeze along, there is a faint voice I hear.  My pace quickens up the cobbled steps to the Acropolis where the Temple holds the space between Heaven and Earth.  I catch a glimpse of the tall white pillars shimmering casting silvery shadows when reflected with the moon light.  Tall antennas transferring the energies of the Divine onto the Earthly plane.   I pass white smooth buildings that even in the darkness shine pure and impeccable.

I near the entrance and walk through the sentinels at the gate as they recognise me they greet me with their rough sounds.  I hear Her melodious voice from inside the Temple;

Come to Me my Priestess

I reach her and am transfixed by her beauty and grace.   Under the moonlight I see her hair silver glistening, she is dressed in a long violet robe.  She turns to me and her gaze hypnotizes me.  Her form shifts to that of the Owl and she encircles me with her wings, I feel cocooned and safe in Her embrace.  Through Her eyes I travel through the veils cutting through the darkness.  She takes me through uncharted lands. Through shadows and darkness I am blinded by the sparks of energy flying in different directions as I land on soft ground.  She appears before me as her human form and helps me to my feet.

My Priestess we are here in a dimension that spans time and space.

I look around me bewildered and I see the rays of the Sun and silvery beams of the Moon in the same sky.  The waves of colours that surround me move like all-encompassing rainbow of light.  I felt that I was on soft ground but now realise there is no solid form I am suspended, held in place by a gravitational force.Athena 3

She holds my hand and says

Do not be disturbed my Priestess I have bought you here to help you see that beyond the veil of time and space there is an Eternal universe.  I am Athena the portal between the worlds.

I look at her with confusion and curiosity.

I know that you have been misguided about Me, and yes I am the Goddess of civilisation, knowledge, wisdom, strategy and logic.  Yet this is only a fraction of my abilities my Priestess and in this misconception you too have lost the feminine aspect of yourself and paid no heed to that part that was enthralled by the darkness and mystery of the moon.   I have bought you here for you to know that you too can travel the dimensions through time and space.  You too are the darkness as well as the light.  Night and day are balanced within you my Priestess and you are the key to the Eternal embrace of life.

My head is reeling with the energy of her words and I breathe to ground myself in my physical body.

The reason why I am revealing this knowledge to you, is that so you can work on these abilities yourself.  As through this understanding you will be able to access trapped and fragmented parts of yourself that have been left behind in previous incarnations.  The split part of the self can have a detrimental effect on the present physical life and can effect a person to such an extent that they can be traumatised and keep the individual stuck in events and relationships from previous incarnations.

The Owl has been my shape shifting force yet I was denied the qualities of the dark night as only the qualities of the day were valued and represented in Patriarchal society.  Even though Goddesses were honoured they were stripped of their full facetted multi-dimensional force and made into one dimensional entities that were dominated by the Gods.  I was revered for my war strategies and civilized wisdom yet nothing was mentioned of my esoteric knowledge and mysteries or creative force held within the untamed nature of the night.

She held my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes.  The power in those eyes were so intense that it sent me a little dizzy.  However as if reading my sense she held me tight in her embrace and spoke softly.Athena 4

My beautiful Priestess you are the depth of the night sky with a new moon, its depth and darkness is your power.  Do not allow anyone to belittle your feminine powers.  Insight, intuition and esoteric knowledge are equal in every way to the intellectual logic.  Your creative energy is intertwined with the phases of the Moon and the swaying of your emotions.  Tap into the infinite force of the universe through your emotions as they hold the key to your heart and through your heart you have capacity to travel dimensions and transform energy and matter in all its forms.  Stand tall my Priestess travel the untamed territories of the self through the dark night do not be afraid of its darkness.  You are the chalice that holds the waters of the Moon, and with its waxing and waning you will be able to access wisdom and mysteries of the Akhashic records of the astral plane.  My Daughter you are the Mistress, Lioness Queen of the night do not be afraid of its depths, for the deeper you go the more powerful you become.  For even if your feet do not touch the ground in the waters of your emotions know that you are held by my infinite Love.

With these words piercing my heart she encircled me once more and transported me to the Temple from where we had started our journey.  For a moment even after her departure I lay on the stone ground with my heart pounding in deep ecstasy.  The stone ground holding my physical form and grounding me from the currents of energy that were still flowing through my veins.

Post Transcript

This channelling was gifted from the Goddess Athena from her Temple at Lindos Greece.  I was called by Her to her Temple to receive this message from this sacred site.  Below is a photo of me receiving her message at Her sacred Temple.

So Much Love Layla  <3






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