Modern Alchemy meets Ancient Healing – Spiritual Counselling

Modern Alchemy meets Ancient Healing – Spiritual Counselling

Modern Alchemy meets Ancient Healing – Spiritual Counselling

Modern alchemy meets ancient healing was a concept that was gifted to me by my guides when I was prompted to set up Surya Therapy.  I was in a deep process myself at the time and was slowly unravelling the mysteries of healing arts.  I am forever the student as well as a teacher and Priestess of healing, initiate of Isis and Artemis.

The term healing has been a topic of fascination for me from a very young age and so I pursued a quest to decipher deep codes that had been passed down to me through my lineage and heritage.  A rich tapestry of knowledge that somehow would form a web of discovery for me throughout my life journey. I had no idea where I would be taken yet there has been a deep inner drive that I could not ignore.  This form of healing I offer to you is a combination of all that has transpired and continues to unfold as this journey as a healer for me and takes me to unknown depths and enigma.

In order to heal holistically a person would need to be viewed as an eternal Soul rather than the three dimensional being on the Earth plane, which is the view that it out there.  This is the reason why modern technology, medicine, therapeutic methods are not succeeding in healing the human condition.  There are very effective methods for curing certain disease and prevention of others.  However there is also a gap that is now being magnified with the stresses and strains of modern living.  More people than ever before are using some kind of anti-depressants or mood altering drug or medication.  Never before have we experienced such loneliness and isolation as individuals as systems and communities fail to meet our needs.  This is because we are not being viewed as the multi-dimensional beings that we are.  Also as humans being we are awakening to the possibility that what we physically view may not be all there is.

I offer a combination of Modern psycho-therapeutic techniques and processes with ancient healing methods. The ancient methods are based on astrology, past life regression, soul contracts, soul retrieval, karmic contracts, trauma through different lifetimes and connection and support from specific guides from a variety of realms. In my healing methods I use reiki, psychotherapy, astrology, astral travel, clairvoyance and psychic connection.  My tools are tarots cards, crystals, oils, singing bowls, sound, incense and use of natural herbs. I work with the Moon phases.   You can sample of my channellings with deities through my blogs and they give you an insight into the powerful connections I have made and the words themselves are methods of healing coming through to help with specific issues or concerns.

I have been trained by the masters themselves and have traveled to many ancient sites internationally and I have also traveled astrally through multiple dimensions to discover the ancient keys that unlock the re remembering of my ancient roots.  As I have been a healer throughout many lifetimes and possess knowledge and wisdom that has been stored in my DNA and activated when it ready to be received in my body and psyche.

I work with deep rooted issues that are difficult to shift by conventional methods of healing or counselling.  These issues can be effecting your health, relationships, financial or any kind of blocks that you are just not able to shift.  Please be aware that this type of healing will be life changing however it does require full commitment from you and without this commitment you will not receive the outcome that you desire.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me via post message to connect and we can then book an assessment of your needs.

So Much Love and Light

Mumtaz <3


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