Miracle of Love

Miracle of Love

Mother MThe Nurturing and Love of the Divine is what we yearn for.
Our heart expanding in the Eternal love of Divinity and to be Eternally held in Loves embrace.
Do You hear the loving Call of the Mother of Mothers Mary?

Mary,  Mariám; Aramaic, Mariam‎; Hebrew, also known by various titles, styles and honorifics, was a 1st-century Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth and the mother of Jesus, according to the New Testament and the Quran.

The gospels of Matthew and Luke in the New Testament describe Mary as a virgin and Christians believe that she conceived her son while a virgin by the Holy Spirit.  The Gospel of Luke begins its account of Mary’s life with the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced her divine selection to be the mother of Jesus. The miraculous birth took place when she was already betrothed to Joseph and was awaiting the concluding rite of marriage, the formal home-taking ceremony.  She married Joseph and accompanied him to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.

In this channelled communication we are embraced by her love.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also helps us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

We Begin

Miracle of Love

In the yearning I often wander is it that I am longing for a piece of someone out there or a fragment of myself?
The turmoil and anguish within, that un-played melody that wishes to be heard
Yet I cannot grasp the notes, not hearing the full tune
For I am full of my own anticipation and perception, too rigid from the pain
I hold this pain as a trophy and form an external shield, not allowing any love to enter
Contracting in this dimension to the pain and sorrow that I feel
Like a crab hardening its shell afraid of being hurt

Through this shield I hear a soft voice, I let down my defence just enough to hear Her calling me softly.
My child my love why are you hiding from me?Mary

I peer out of with anxious eyes and see her a vision of Divine Love

She places her arms around me and scoops me up, She speaks to me in Her soft voice.

Come here my child let me hold you tight, no-one can do you any harm for I am here your Mother Mary. Around Her I see the Angels gather, I hear that unheard melody that I was so yearning to hear.
She touches my heart with Her Love, Her healing penetrating each of my defensive walls. They crumble with Her unconditional Love. I no longer feel the need to hide myself or to contract, my heart open like a rose blooming and opening even through the pain. I hold onto Her embrace allowing the oceans of Love to carry me to distant lands of unseen fortunes.

There are no words between us, no words are needed in the moments of Love. Love so powerful it washes my pain. Through the stinging of the wounds I feel the sweetness of Love, even though tasting the bitterness of the pain. She transforms the ugliness of my internal world into a landscape of Angelic dreams. Where there were once monsters and demons, I now only see those that needed Her tenderness. I only see that I needed Her tenderness, Her love without judgement. I had tortured myself through this torment of my own criticisms. Those voices in my head torturing and critical, I had not paid heed to their damage and destruction within. They had raged a war in my being, ravaging me from the inside out. Creating a mist of illusion around me of darkness and doom. I had hid myself in the shadows for so long afraid to face these demons and destruction. Now I did with the light of my Mother by my side I realised that the demons did not physically exist. They were creations of my own doing to keep me small, to keep me hiding from myself.

Her intense unconditional Love for me had triggered a Love for myself so deep, that love dispelled the fear that had held me back for so long. I was no longer willing to be held in the chains of my own captivity. She had given me the courage to keep my heart open even through the hurt and anguish.
She gently smoothed my hair and kissed my forehead and whispered in my earMother

I am always in your heart my dearest Child, know that My Love is Eternal and without limits, I am not separate from you, I am You. I am the Love that beats in your heart and lives on through Eternity even without your physical body’s existence.

With these powerful words piercing my heart She was gone, but Her Love wrapped around me in an Eternal Embrace, I didn’t feel any separation. For I still could hear the melody of my own heart playing the music of Her Eternal tune.



Soothed by the Divine Mother

No matter where we are in life we yearn that unconditional love that only a mother can give her child.  Even those of us who have not had fortune of a mothers love, there is a longing to be loved beyond measure.  To be embraced and soothed, held in eternal love.  Love that knows no bounds, love that is so pure and giving, not linked to any condition or reason.

Mother Mary was depicted as that Mother, the Divine Mother who held such love for humanity that she watched her own Son be sacrificed in Love.  Her love never wavered, now she is holding out her arms to embrace us.  At this moment in our lives when we yearn for her.  She is here awaiting our connection, can you feel her?

Tapping into her universal love helps sooth our weary hearts, her love is like a balm on our weathered Souls.  We need this elixir of Love now more than ever as it is the very core of our being. Once we can engage in her love, we are open and receive.  We are then able to love ourselves through her.  We are able to love each abandoned part of ourselves till each fragmented and neglected part is drenched in love.  Those parts of us that we feel are unworthy of love, those parts that are full of shame or remorse.  Those are the parts of ourselves that she loves the most, she holds us as we weep in her arms, until our pain is soothed by her everlasting love. There is nothing that she cannot soothe with her Love, if only we allow her into our hearts.


© Love Beyond Measure Layla

Image found on Pinterest  J Kirk Richards – Mother and Child Blue



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