Mira and the Dance of the Impenetrable Realm

Mira and the Dance of the Impenetrable Realm

Perhaps the most remembered and quoted woman in India history is the poet, singer and saint called Mirabai, or Meera. Versions of her songs are sung today all over India, and she appears as a subject in films, books, dances, plays and paintings. Records suggest Mira was a Rajput princess born in about 1500 (likely 1498) in Merta, Rajasthan in northwest India.  Mira is said to have been devoted to Krishna from a very early age, as per custom she was married off to Bhoja Raj who was from a noble family and the heir apparent to the throne of the famous warrior Rana Sanga of the House of Sisodiya.Mira Bai

Mira’s husband died sometime in 1528 in a battle with the Mughal Emperor Babur. The standard narrative is that at this vital juncture Mira was left vulnerable to the hostility of her conservative male relatives, and that this hostility increased as Mira became visibly detached from the affairs of the world and her obligations to her in-laws. She began to frequent the temple, discoursed with the sadhus, and apparently danced before the image: as she put it in one of her poems, I danced before my Beloved.

The relentless torments and hostility interfered with her life of devotion and contemplation on Krishna. She sought the advice of learned men and saints. They advised her to leave the palace and return to Brindaban. Secretly, with some followers, she slipped out of the palace and escaped to the holy city of Brindaban. In Brindaban Mira was free to worship her Beloved, to her heart’s content. She would spend her time in singing devotional songs and in ecstatic communion with Krishna. The riches of the world offered no attraction to Mira; her only satisfaction came from her single minded devotion  to Sri Krishna. Her soul was ever yearning for Krishna. She considered herself to be a Gopi of Vrindaban, mad only with pure love for Krishna.


Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within,

We Begin

Go to that impenetrable realmMira
That death himself trembles to look upon.
There plays the fountain of love
With swans sporting on its waters.   By Mira

The anklet bells keeping echoing in my ears, as if calling me to an ancient part of myself that is fragmented lost in time and space. The smell of a familiar land calling me the longing so deep I cannot concentrate on any other task.  My body remembering part of myself, of that I cannot comprehend.  I am left with this yearning so deep and vast, calling to a long lost lover, a beloved.  I cannot see him, he is calling me from a different dimension.  Pulling at my heart, I go with this pining, following my heart.  I am transported to another space and time.

I hear the tabla, sitar and flute playing a melodious tune in the distance I follow the beat to its origin, and as I do so I am captivated by a celestial voice singing, it is velvety and intoxicating.  The sound of anklet bells activate my every cell as I am draw like a moth to a flame, as my senses lead me.  I see a pebbled path lit with oil lamps gently swaying in the dark night breeze.  As I walk the path the sweet smell of blossoming jasmine and chameli waft through, alluring my senses to the state of incandescent pleasure.  In front of me I now see a temple that is illuminated with oil lamps, the door is open and as I reach the veranda, I see the pillars overarching the doorway are covered in rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds that glisten in the flickering light of the hanging lanterns.  The smell of nag champa incense reaches me as I step in the doorway and then I see her ethereal form.Dancer 1

She moves her feet with the anklets jingling to the beat of the tabla, her arms moving as she makes music with every part of her being, and her bangles too sing and dance as she moves, her hennaed hands.  She is singing to her beloved as if spellbound.  She is an iridescent beauty, dressed in a embroided silk skirt and ornate jewellery.  On her forehead she wears the crescent moon and she is wistfully engaged as if conversing with her lover in a different realm. I cannot keep myself from being completely raptured by her sheer presence.  Once she has finished her dance and song she looks over to me and gestures me to join her.  She smiles and says

‘So Dearest, you are here I knew you would follow your heart.’

I look at her bewildered, she laughs throwing her neck beck and showing her perfect pearly white teeth.

She draws me closer and she looks at me for the first time I look into her eyes and they are grey and deep, as if holding some unknown mystery, even in her gaze there is longing so deep that it is deeper than any ocean.

‘You don’t know who you yearn for, but I do Dear one.  You yearn for him who you have betrothed since the beginning of time.  No matter how much you gain of love on the Earthly plane you will never stop this longing that pulls you out of the Earthly into the Ethereal.  That longing that pulls you out of your worldly comforts into the ascetic life of the seeker with no comforts of material wealth yet full of riches of the Spirit.  I know that whisper in your heart that calls you, that deep ache of hankering.  That drives you into insanity just with one breath against your ear.  I know this well Dear one. ‘

I look at her and ask

‘Who is he?’Dancer 4

She again looks at me, this time with deep concern and acknowledgement

‘It is Him, the player of the primordial flute, whose melody your heart sings to Dear one as does mine. ‘

I look at her with amazement as her words still hang in my mind with questions to ask.

She as if reading my thoughts, turns again to me and says

‘I am Mira, I know of the yearning that you experience for I too have walked the path of the lover to the Divine.  Those of us that have made vows with Divinity cannot rest our Souls on anything less Dear one.  Yes you will encounter love on this Earthly plane, yet your Soul is already married to Him the creator of Worlds.  You have known this all along, yet you were lost to the illusion of the 3rd dimension for some time.  But now you have awakened and understand that you are indeed able to travel through space and time.  Retrieving lost parts of yourself and uniting their essence to your Soul.  This is why you are here my Dear one.  There are some of us who cannot settle, for we have tasted that raw and undiluted elixir of Divine love, nothing has the same lustre anymore.  It is our insanity that drives us, as we have lost all senses to the Divine and we are like wandering mystics that are drunk and blissed out on the Divine fruit. That raging fire burns within us as we burn more and more of what we are, and become more and more of the essence of union, resurrecting again and again into oneness of being.  Not caring of what others think of us, breaking all tradition, going against the grain, as this fire within us threatens to consume us, yet we only sense the bliss of that union within. ‘

She walks over to the idol of Krishna sitting at the altar of the temple and looks at him wistfully and continues;

‘Some people will loathe you for going against cultural, societal and religious norms, some people will think of you as being completely mad and insane, and there will be those who are intrigued by you.  Who will be drawn to you as you are to Him?’  She points to Krishna.

Dancer 2‘For they too long for that intoxication of being in love with Divinity, your energy is contagious and they will be left wanting more of what you have.  They will seek you out, they will hang on every word you say.  For in you they will see what they want to become and you will be mirror of their love, of the Divine. ‘

She again walks over to me and holds me at the shoulders;

‘With this power comes great responsibility Dear one, you must not become too attached to those that praise you or those that criticize you.  You must keep focussed on your heart and that it beats only for Him the sacred masculine, for you are the Goddess uniting with the God of the heavens Dear one. You are Radha herself. It is time to unite with Him whilst you are on the Earthly plane in this physical form. ‘

With these words she guided me up to my feet and tied on some ankle bells and started to twirl me around. As I began to twirl the music started to play and I twirled around and around in ecstasy in union with Him.  Till there was no Mira, no music, no temple and no Me.


©Written and Channelled by Layla at Surya Therapy

Art by Maryam Mughal

Music from Film Bajirao Mastani  ©Eros Music Singers Pandit Birju Maharaj and Shreya Ghoshal

I have attached this particular song as it is performed through the ancient dance and music of kartak, that is a sacred dance performed in temples in India to this day. It is the song that unlocked deep knowing in my cells so I share it with may it do the same for you.  It may inspire you to get some ankle bells and whirl till there is no longer any You.


  1. The moment that I knew the truth would reveal itself and the secrets would unfold.. xx Divine Love

    • Thank You Dear Latoya for your beautiful comments and appreciation .. So Much Love <3

  2. thank you so much for describing my work so beautifully. thank you so so much. you are an amazing writer… 😘😘

    • It is an honour as you are an amazing artist.. Thank you for your appreciation and love
      Layla <3


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