Longing the Embrace

Longing the Embrace

Longing the Embrace

I wake yet I’m asleep 
What is this state between waking and sleeping I experience.

My body is functioning yet my heart is left somewhere, where is it I cannot find,
Then the longing, the weeping of my Heart, a missing piece fragmented through space and time.

No matter what I encounter in this world I cannot fill this space of longing, yearning

My body aches, my bones feel fragile and my eyes sore 
What is it I’m even seeking I cannot fathom anymore,

I feel lost and disconnected, sleep walking through this day 
Can you even tell me how I got here today?

Lost bewildered I call into this space, what is going on?
I hear this whisper in my Soul

‘It is inertia my Dearest that you are experiencing 
When you Heart yearns that which you are afraid will burn.
Yet you have walked in the Gardens of Delights,
You cannot go back to your night frights.

Go deep into this yearning and you will be led back to the Gate, 
Where Heaven awaits and only Love can enter through.

Open your Heart Dearest to all that is True, 
Know that the One you are seeking is also seeking You.’

Art – Embrace by Rassouli

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