Lady of the Stars and the Temple of Sirius

Lady of the Stars and the Temple of Sirius

Sirius StarAn ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes its mask. The illusion that you are separate from oneness will fall away.

Many have linked Sirius as the Star of Bethlehem and the three kings as the Orion belt at the time and location of the Christ birth. The Full Moon falls on the 25th December this year linking it with the Sirius Star and the Christ Birth.  In some places the Full Moon rises at 11.11.  This is an incredibly potent time. 

Allow the Lady of the Stars to show you its significance and to activate your deep remembering of your role and purpose in the unfoldment of the Divine plan.  Allow her to whisper sacred words into your ear and awaken your memory Dear one. Step into the Temple of Sirius.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within,

We Begin

I am deep in slumber and I hear a whisper in my ear even in my dream I feel her warm breath on my neck as she speaks clearly into my ear.

‘Awaken Dear one, Awaken it is time’

With these words my eyes automatically open as if bound an ancient spell, as if pulled by some invisible thread of magnetism I am drawn to the midnight sky.  The Crescent moon is bright yet I am drawn not to it but the shining stars that emanate beauty and hold a hidden secrets beyond the physical.  I am compelled to raise my arms and as I do I hear whisperings of ancient words that vibrate my soul.  The stars are now surrounding me, enveloping me, cocooning me in their embrace and their magnetic pull is pulling towards the heavens into the depth of the midnight sky.  The light becomes brighter and brighter, I close my eyes as I cannot look straight into the brightness before me.  When I open my eyes, I have transported and before me I see a magnificent blue temple shimmering in silvery light. Temple of healing The pillar stand as if holding the skies of the Galaxies, it is so vast that I cannot see the ceiling, it is endless with no beginning and no end.  I walk towards the entrance between the pillars a doorway with two carvings of crescent Moons on each side with a huge star in the middle.  As I look closer and examine the carvings they shine in the luminous light deep blue, I realise the temple is itself is made from Lapis with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars in the deep indigo night.  As I am in deep contemplation of this beautiful temple, I hear a deep vibrating sound from within the temple, its vibrations sending deep waves penetrating each of my chakras causing me to hold myself against the pillar, as I feel each chakra being cleansed and energised.  When I have gained some composure I walk into the temple.  As I enter my senses are encompassed by the intoxicating scent of roses mixed with musk deep and sweet, the scent hangs the air like a silk garment, infusing my every pore as I walk the entrance towards the centre. Candles light every orifice and the warm glow is comforting and enchanting as I walk towards the altar in the centre.  I see that is has a blue water pool of crystal clear water that is reflecting the deeply jewelled night sky.  The Altar is ordained with ancient scriptures that look like hieroglyphics, it is white marble and there are steps leading into the water as I reach the pool.  I look up and see that the temple has a vast dome that is clear to reveal the stars above yet in the middle of the dome is a bright blue star that is shining it rays into the pool, the beams are like blue laser light into the water itself infusing its energy into the crystal water in the pool.  I am enthralled by the beauty of this sumptuous sacred space. I am lost in my thoughts and in awe of these majestic surroundings when I hear her;

‘Dearest you have come, I have been waiting for you.’

I turn towards the vivacious voice.

IsisI see her walking towards me, she is wearing an indigo blue robe with stars twinkling in her garment as if she has used the midnight sky itself to clothe herself.  I am so taken aback by her beauty that I let out a gasp.  Her wings are a stretch out expansive behind her, she is adorned by a golden jewelled serpent head piece and the crescent moon on her forehead.  I drop to my knees in awe and she glides over gently helping me to my feet, she deeply looks into my eyes, her eyes are like stars in the vastness of the galaxies.  I am hypnotised.  She breaks my reverie with her velvety voice;

‘My dear one I see that you are enthralled by me, yet I am no other than you.  What you see in me is what I see in you.’

I look at her in bewilderment.

She smiles and continues, ‘Yes Dear one, you and I are not separate but we are one from the beginning of time.’ She holds out her hand and we walk together towards the pool.

‘This is the pool of Eternity Dear one, the water is infused with the energy of the Sirius Star, this energy will help you elevate both your body and consciousness.  It will help you to integrate the Earth crystalline energies with the Cosmic.  This is your origin star child, you have found it difficult to come to Earth and be able to sustain your energy with the density of Earth.  Yet with the activation of your heart chakra and with love you are have merged with Earth and its Crystal grid that binds it.  Now it is time to re remember what you are on Earth for.  It is time for you to come out of your cocoon.  Time is of the essence and you are being urged to step forward by reclaiming yourself.  Earth is at a pivotal point now, this is written in the stars if you can read the stars you can read many events.  The next full Moon will be the portal of awakening for many as the Sirius star is integrated with the full Moon.  Some people call the Sirius the star of Bethlehem, some Blue Kachina many of ancient knowledge have understood the significance of its power and influence.  Yet this is a very auspicious time emerging right now Dear one.  The Full Moon’s have always been portals for humanity to grow and for those that have understood their importance have used them wisely to do just that.  However now awareness of the energy of the full Moons significance is growing again.  Ancient knowledge is being downloaded into human consciousness more now than ever before.  This is because Earth is at a pivotal point and there are many like you, who have been sent to help activate this knowledge in others through their own growth. Those that have felt compelled to lead, those that have a sense of urgency about their purpose even though they do not have a full picture as yet.  Those being who are being called to help the Earth, to readdress the balance both within themselves and their lives externally. Those ones reading my words are being asked to awaken those deep memories within themselves.  To allow the energy of my words to penetrate deep into their souls and to re remember who they are and why they are here. Goddess Isis 2

Each one of you will have your own unique path and only you will know what that means to you.  I have come to you right now because the Sirius energy is now merging and creating a portal through the full Moon, on the 25th December Christmas day is some places that have held the heart chakra energy in the land, the Moon will rise at 11.11.  This is the opportunity to rise into Christ Consciousness.  This means to awaken, to be resurrected. Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion is it an opportunity for elevation to the Cosmic, a merger extension/manifestation from the ONENESS that is the God/Goddess Energy.   To go deep with the love that you are. ‘

‘Now Dearest One, step into this water and allow it to activate you, so you are ready to step through the portal when it arrives.’

As she says these words to me I undress and step naked into the water, the marble steps leading further and further into its cool depth, as it compasses my every pore.  The blue light from Sirius now penetrating my cells, I feel the energy seeping into my very core.  The temple vibrates with celestial sounds as I bathe in the regenerating waters.  I realise that the water are symbolic of the Moon energy as this full Moon will be in the constellation of Cancer.  I feel these memories awakening within me of knowledge, of support and connection with those that are on the Earth that hold the energy signature.  As I bathe I connect to the star beings that are supporting us through the cosmic field. I dip my head into the cool water so to ensure that every part is infused with this crystal water.   Once I am ready I step out and the cool air touches my wet skin making me feel invigorated.  I dry off with a towel that has been placed nearby.  I have white robes waiting for me to dress into. I dress and step down from the marble steps.  I see her walking over to me, she cups my face in her hands and looks lovingly into my eyes and smiles.  She then traces the crescent Moon over my forehead with her middle finger with oil whose scent is so potent I can feel my third eye tingling. She whispers sacred words into my ear.  As she does this I feel a strange pain in my back and I am for a moment paralysed in this pain and I let out a cry.  I feel a strange sensation in my back and I use my hands to touch the places where I feel the pain, so that I can trace the cause. To my astonishment I feel soft feathers I look at Her in shock, she smiles and point over to the grand mirror.  I step fearfully towards the mirror to see my form standing in front with two turquoise blue wings spanning out from me. I fall to my knees trying to digest this transformation.Lady of the Stars

‘You are now united with your Angelic self Dear one.  Know that once you are back on Earth you will only feel the presence of your wings, you will not be able to physically see them unless you tune to a higher vibration of energy.  You will be able to do this and those that are attuned to this energy will  also be able to see them.’

With these words, she embraces me.

‘Now Dear one, it is time to return.’

She enveloped me in her wings and I again was in a trance.  When I awoke I was in my bed.  On my pillow lay a turquoise blue feather.

© Channelled with Love by Layla at Surya TherapyWings

When you have allowed the words to sink deeply into your psyche you will need to allow the energy from the transmission to integrate into your cell body.  This may take a few days.  Please pay attention to all that happens within and externally, within the next few days.  Also you will need to consummate the transmission by taking a bath.  If you do not have a bath then shower will do.  You will need to make the bathing place sacred with candles, music, scents etc.  If you have any lapis lazuli jewellery or crystals place them around your bath as you bathe.  You will need to take this bath at dusk as the sky turns dark or at night preferably if you can see the stars. Remember and imagine all that you have absorbed through the transmission as you bathe. Once you have bathed trace a crescent Moon on your third eye (the space between your eyes on your forehead) preferably with some herbal oil if do not have any just your finger will suffice. Notice your wings and feel them on your back as you go about your day.

Do not be concerned if you read this message after the 25th December 2015, you have been guided to read here at this time it is for a reason.  You have not missed any opportunity to integrate your energies it may be that you need different vibrational energies according your energetic field and path.

All images are from unknown artsists


  1. Joyous sharing sister of light, much love with you in journeys of deepest bounty shining forth such glorious rays of emergence

    • Thank You dear bro Ian for your lovely comments much love to you <3


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