Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

Do thoughts rage in your mind preventing you from moving forward?

Do you feel lost and disheartened, weary and tired from the journey of life?

The Lady of the Lake is awaiting to carry you across Her lake to the Sacred Isle, will you allow her to soothe your aching body and comfort your weary heart?

As I am carried along your lake, I am lost in the mists of time.  The veil of illusion that separates us feels so thick my Goddess.  I cannot see myself, I cannot see You.  I drift along circling your Isle yet cannot enter for I have lost my way.   Will I ever see your Sacred land?  Will this boat carry me to You?

Through tear stained eyes I struggle to see.  Through my weary body I clamber clinging onto the boat as it drifts through the dark waters. Lady of the Lake where are You? Through the mist I hear the water underneath the boat moving.  As I strain to see through the mist I see an outline and then as She draws nearer I see Her walking out of the water like a mystical dream.  She clears away the mist with a circular motion of her hands. She looks at me with a powerful gaze, as She draws nearer.

She is now in the boat with me.  Her flowing gown carries the midnight sky, Her hair glowing silver radiating the energy of the Moon. She places Her hand on my shoulder and says;

Priestess you are not lost!

I look into her fierce eyes as she continues.

Why do you doubt so much? Have I not bought you to Me in every lifetime? Yet you forget, you become distressed.  Your frustration and impatience weigh you down and anchors you in this lake, so you cannot travel any further.  You cannot reach my Sacred Isle, for it is you who prevents yourself from moving forward.  Tell me Priestess why do you give away your power so quickly to your mind?

I bow my head in shame at Her words.

She moves closer and cups my face in Her hands, the lake itself is luminous in Her eyes.

You are my Priestess, My daughter a reflection of Myself, why do you hold your head in shame?

Tears roll down my face and She wipes them with Her smooth porcelain hands.

“My Goddess, My Lady I just feel so weary, so tired.”

She holds me close and envelopes me in Her embrace as I weep, She strokes my hair.

I know my dearest the way of the Goddess is not easy.  Your open heart feels the pain as intensely as the pleasure and over time this pain is difficult to bear. Know that the yearning you feel paves the way for energy to be lifted on this Planet and the Universe itself.  Your efforts are never in vain this is what makes you the warrior.  For it takes courage to keep your heart open despite the pain.  Know even through this weariness you are here with Me. Lean on Me, you do not have to do anything alone. Allow me to be your guide and your body.  Do not allow your mind to convince you that you are separate from Me.  I am here I will carry you in My arms, trust in Me, surrender to Me. It is when you forget that you are My vessel that you feel weary and become disheartened.  Do not anchor your boat before you reach your destination. Do not allow the fear of the unknown or the frustration of the ego to control your navigation. If you allow your boat to flow through the waters it will reach the Sacred Land.

Her soothing and healing words helped comfort my tired body and I drifted into sleep with the gentle rocking of the boat.  When I awoke She had gone yet I felt Her presence through the peace in my heart.  The sun was rising across the lake and I could see the rolling hills in the distance. I had indeed been guided to the Sacred Isle of Avalon.

So Much Love Mumtaz <3

Mysterious Waters by mysolitaryground (deviantART)


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