Kadosh Kadosh

Kadosh Kadosh

There is an ancient Hebrew hymn that holds sacred chords within the ancient language.  Some say that the language of the hymn is of an even more ancient, a source called Aramaic.  Ancient hymns and mantras that have not been translated into modern languages, still hold within them the capacity to unlock our external barriers, to reach within our deep consciousness.  As they bypass the limited physical interpretations that modern language has lost.  One word contains such potent interpretation and vibration that our bodies’ remember, they unlock our DNA and have the potential when used with awareness to enlighten us.  To assist in our evolutionary process to once again reclaim our potential and oneness of Divinity


Kadosh kadosh kadosh
Kadosh kadosh kadosh
Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot
Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot

Asher hayah
V’hoveh v’yavo
Asher hayah
V’hoveh v’yavo

The words that flowed through when composing the poem ‘Kadosh Kadosh’ were unlocked through its penetration into my consciousness.  May you also be blessed with sacred union, through the poem and the hymn that served as the catalyst of my remembering.


Kadosh Kadosh

I feel your breath against my neck as you whisper in my ear,

Your voice unleashes some long held memory

With it breaking down the dam,

The water gushes through overloading all my senses

I cannot escape the flooding

But Oh, what of this abandoning of myself

I feel lost, yet cradled by you

If I just let go, and allow the flow to take me as I am?

Will it lead me to you my Beloved?


At times I feel like eternity, that I have waited for you

Weary, disillusioned, battered by the rocks as I navigate my way

Now I feel you so close, the whispering to my Soul

That ignites the blazing Sun within me

Setting the water alight in pure alchemy

There I see it forming a rainbow bridge to you

But what if instead of walking along this bridge

I use it to dive from, deep into the depths of you

Will you catch me, before my body is shattered by the sharp edges?


Even if I am destroyed my Love, So be it

Every piece of my heart will find its way to you

For there is nowhere else that it could possible go

For you reside in it, every beat is in tune with your breath

So eyes closed, I step on the ledge and ready myself to dive

I feel the breeze all over my naked body, each cell alive with anticipation

Free from the cage of restriction, knowing there is no death only union with you

As I dive I am caught in the whirlwind of You

You hold me close, our breath and bodies merging into one


You speak softly,

‘Why do you test yourself so my dearest, why do you allow the illusion of separation

To drive you to insanity?’

Looking deep into your endless eyes I reply,

‘Because my Love, it is only through the loss of my mind there is space for love to consume me with no limit, then I am united with you.’

Tears fall from your eyes as you embrace me in Sacred Union.


© Layla

Photography from various artists







  1. A beautiful heart enriching conversation with divine spleandour

    • Thank you so much dearest Ian for your love and appreciation <3

    • Thank you Lovely Emelina for your lovely comments so much love to you <3

  2. The vulnerability required to share your deepest longing for someone with them is when intimacy becomes real. What a perfect and true expression is this poem. Thank you, Layla. I feel your words…

    • So beautifully put dear Carol, yes true vulnerability is a gift to the heart.
      Love Always Layla X


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