Desert Dance


As the cosmos reflects the magic in the skies that we are made of, the Full Blue Moon eclipse in Leo reflects and shines on us, a Divine mirror reflecting back to us the glory of who we are.

May our eyes shine like Lamps that Enlighten even the darkest of Nights.

May we embody the Glory of Perfection and Love that we are.

May we know that the fire in our hearts is lit by the love of the Divine beloved, awakening us from our slumber into the hope of a New Day.

The time leading up to the Full Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo, I have felt this cosmic winds enveloping me in its magnetic allure.  I have felt this through Union with the desert and the sandstorms that shift the landscapes.  Like this our Cosmos is moving and evolving, effecting us and awakening us.  Calling us to look within, and to allow for the flow of Divine force to move us into deeper within our own essence of being.

Desert Dance 1Invocation

I dream I walk the Earth till the soles of my feet become hard like shoes

Soul of my Soul can open hearts and awaken dreams.

I dream of a Gypsy woman whose eyes awaken the fire in the belly

The shadows dance in the fire lights, the Ancestor descend.

Eyes dark and deep glistening through the shadows, shining in the darkness.

My Sister from another mother, we sit together laughing and laughing everyday till our belly’s ache.

Swirling smoke rises and we speak of the sequence of the body in a secret language.

At night we huddle together under the Stars.

Laughing till our eyes cry, then the laughter becomes silence, only the wild sounds of the desert night remain.

You dress me in your clothes made of sparkling Earth and Star dust.

We travel for hours on camels into the valley of the desert, where we dance with the fire,

We dance and dance, until stars begin to spin and the sky sets on fire,

We laugh so much we cannot stop.

Only as the fire fades, our laughter fades to silence, on beds made of sand and sky.

Yes my Sister you have a look in your eyes that could bring the dead back to life.

Arabian Woman

To the ones whose eyes sets our Soul on fire

Whose dance tells us to live our deepest dreams

Whose song reminds us to be Free.

Come, be with us, Be in us, You are Us.

Zola Dubnikova

The Music

I selected this music as it reached into the depths of my core, it to me expresses the energy of this time, encapsulated in the eternity where there is no time.

Lyrics Translation : Ya Sahra ( Desert)  by  Michal Elia Kamal

A desert

Of sand and secrets

A Fountain

Which is revealed among the sands

The spring of my youth


and dances in a gust of wind

in colours

and voices

that were born from the desert

even if the sky of the moon

will rise

I shall not sit and shall not rest

My lips shall not run dry

If I sing to the desert

Light of Babylon

Their project is the fusion of different ethnicities and cultures, the singer is Israeli from Iranian origin, the santur player is Turkish the guitarist is French and they cooperate with musicians from different origin as well (Turkish, English and more). With the strength and openness of their youth and the various musical influences they have, they intuitively created a original colourful blend of their inner voices with flavours that would carry the imagination on a travel through the Middle east and beyond. The band gives through music all the love that it carries in its heart to inspire individual healing with the wish that every human will follow the vision of a world full of diversity, freedom, peace and light.


If you are struggling with your path from victimhood into Sovereignty, allowing the current energy to unleash the power within to create the life that you yearn for.

There is a six week teaching on, Becoming the Inner Priestess that I would like to open up to anyone who feels connected.  Please contact me to have arrange a suitable time over skype for one to one sessions. Please also refer to the blog post on Inner Priestess Training for more information or visit

Art and Photography from various unknown artists

Love and Gratitude



  1. Beautiful, dear Layla filled with love, light and unity, joy and peace energies! Thank you! <3

    • Love and Peace to you Dearest Pamela <3


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