Inner Priestess Training – Temple of Sovereignity

Inner Priestess Training – Temple of Sovereignity

Dearest Souls Welcome to the Temple of Sovereignty

The package of training I am offering is to empower you to become our own sovereigns through illuminating soul growth and individual journey.  In this six week programme I am offering you a chance to work one to one with the channelled messages from the Goddesses.  To allow them to help you unlock the potential within you, through their message of love and encouragement.

I would like you to read some of the channeled stories that I have written in the blogs and connect with the myth that you feel a pull towards, I have worked with many of the Goddess to bring their messages through.  So I invite you to pick whichever story and Goddess that you feel a connection to.  The six week Inner Priestess Programme will consist of;

  • Getting to know the Goddess  through symbolism and personal messages
  • Temple work and ritual for that energy to be invoked and expanded
  • Sacred prayers and personal magic
  • Empowerment in any aspect of your life that you feel you need the help
  • Creating a Temple and using the Sacred times to unlock potential

The sessions can be done through Skype or in person.

The cost is £30 for an hour over a six week programme.

Here are some of the links to stories and please feel free to browse for more;

Lilith – Connection to Sexual Power

Aphrodite – Inner Beauty and Love

Isis – Inner Power and Magic

Persephone – Victimhood to Sovereign

Laxmi – Inner Wealth and Confidence

Inanna – The Sacred Power

and Many More.

Please feel free to contact me via email, facebook messenger or phone for any further information.

Art – Michael Malm – Five were Wise


Love Layla

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