Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld

Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld

At present in the skies we are going through great planetary shifts. The most significant is Venus going into the underworld. This means that she is no longer visible to us as she is positioned on the other side of the Sun. Gates of underworld
Venus s journey into the underworld is verbalised through our ancient memories as the myth of Inanna and her descent into the underworld. In my activation I have captured this in the Dance of the Seven veils that represent the inner journey through the lower parts of our chakras.
If you like to delve deeper and encapsulate more of the story for yourself book a session with me so I can be your guide through the seven veils and help navigate you through these difficult time.

Descent into Your Power
Why is descent into the underworld so important for the self?
Because without descending from the higher chakras into the lower ones into the depths of our being we cannot manifest into the physical on the Earthly planes those Divine plans.
So much is written about the Rising of the Kundalini energy yet without the descent there can be no actual grounding of these energies.
How can you become the enlightened self if you are afraid to face your own shadows. Without experiencing the polarity how can you make a choice to take the middle ground the path where Yin and Yang meet.
Life is but a dance between darkness and light ..the light seeking the light to gain it’s attention and the light casting it’s love on the dark. Without darkness there is no light.
When we master the middle ground within us we can then elevate to the master of our self. Just as Inanna was only the Queen of Heaven but when she returned from her descent from the Underworld she was Queen of Heaven and Earth.
Isn’t this why we came to Earth so that we could master our self and manifest our eternal self on the Earthly plane.



We are going to descend into the underworld one veil at a time. There are seven veils or gates that Inanna passes and at each gate she is told to leave something behind.Crown 3

Gate One
So at the first gate she leaves her Crown the Crown Chakra.
So beautiful ones go within feel that you are giving away your Crown. Your power control to Surrender to the Divine that control. Will you place your belief systems all that you have learnt over the years and just forget it all.
Step into the Darkness not knowing what awaits you ? Do you have that much faith that much trust in the Divine will?
Your mind will struggle for control the voices will get louder the monsters more scary but will you keep going guided by your inner trust that you are held in Divine embrace no matter what.


Gate Two 

at the second gate of the underworld. Here Inanna leaves behind her Lapis earrings they symbolise the third eye chakra.
She leaves behind her attachment to her dreams. She surrenders even those dreams that she has Lapis Earringslonged for into the lap of Divine grace. At times we become so focused on our dreams that we forget to live in the moment of each day. We are focused so far ahead we lose the present. Life may be beckoning to us to us giving us golden opportunities that may be even more fulfilling than those dreams we have dreamt for ourselves but we ignore them. Simply because we are too attached to our own vision of self.
When our third is unbalanced we can become melancholic believing in the illusion of the Earthly plane in its 3 D glory. We can be drawn into depression only seeing what is the illusion. We can become blind to the beauty and magnificence that calls to us in our lives beyond the prison we make for ourselves.


Gate Three 

Day three of Inanna’s Journey into the Underworld and today we are at gate three. At this gate she removes her Lapis Beaded necklace symbolising her Throat Chakra.
With the removal of her necklace Inanna is leaving behind all constraints and restrictions to her Voice. Lapis Beads
The question is can we leave behind our smallness our dishonesty to ourselves? The excuses that we make to keep ourselves small? Times when we have manipulated others to get what we want rather than being honest and direct in our interactions. Allowing our authentic voice to blossom to be able to stand our ground with total honesty to ourselves and others even when our voice shakes.
Our throat chakra is all about our expression and our communication. So many women in particular have problems with their throat chakras. The imbalance can manifest in illness such as thyroid problems and weight issues, hormone imbalance. Through years of suppression of being unable to express themselves or to communicate their needs in a direct and clear manner.
Inanna removal of her necklace is about taking away even the burden of the necklace that holds a weight around the neck area and allowing it to be unordained raw naked and free.
There are so many people around our world that are unable to express their truths for fear of retribution and even death. So where we find ourselves in a place of freedom, a place where are able to express. In a country where there is freedom of speech and expression. In a community where we are not shunned or even hunted. Then roar your truth from the rooftops.
Do not stay silent in this lifetime.

Gate Four 

Day four of Inanna’s journey into the Underworld at the gate she removes her breastplate armour symbolising removing protection from her Heart Chakra.
Breast PlateShe removes all protection from being hurt or having her heart broken. She walks into the fourth gate completely vulnerable ready to love to open her heart to her Sister Ereshkigal who has treated her very badly so far in this story. She has demanded that Inanna remove her most precious of attire before she enters each gate. Inanna has no idea as to whether she will even be greeted with love herself. However she continues anyway. Stepping into the unknown.
How many times have we been hurt and with each disappointment of a breaking down of a relationship we have been heart broken. The heart has been in so much pain that we have decided that we will no longer allow this to happen again. By doing this we have built amour around our hearts. Not allowing love to enter not allowing intimacy to take place. If we do not allow anyone into out heart space fully then we cannot be hurt again.
Yet at what expense? By building this wall around our heart we cannot even let ourselves in. How can we allow deep heart wrenching love to enter our hearts with that armour defending it. Love is to let go, to be open to be vulnerable .. to allow someone to see all that you are warts and all. Receiving and basking in their love, to receive and give. There is no one way street in Love you cannot be so well defended and only claim you give love. It simply doesn’t work that way.
The flower opens up to the Sun at the risk of being consumed even dried up shriveled by its heat but It takes the chance anyway.
Those that have an imbalanced heart chakra find it difficult to receive or give love fully develop illnesses such as heart problems, breathing issues, circulation problems, middle back problems, even problems such as breast cancer.
So beautiful people do not waste one second not expressing your love to another fully. You are worthy of so much love, do not settle where you are not loved completely. You are a blazing Angel on Earth you deserve love beyond measure dearest one. Open your heart to the Divine and see Love wherever you are even in the darkest of places there will be a flower blooming holding it head towards the Sun.

Gate Five 

Day five of Inanna’s Journey into the Underworld at this gate gives away her rod with a lapis adorned handle. This is much like a combination of a staff and wand.Solar
Symbolising the Solar Plexus Chakra.
By giving away her Rod she is stating that she no longer needs an object to command her will and show her power. Those are within her she is a sovereign without the regalia. Sovereign of the self which in essence is much more difficult than being a Sovereign of state.
The Solar Plexus energy in our world today is highly imbalanced this is why were are having so many issues with anger dominance and struggle. Patriarchy has done a lot to glorify the Solar Plexus energy and there has been a division between those that are oppressed and the oppressors. We are acting out without engaging the higher octaves of this chakra this is the inner Sun energy symbolised by the white lion. Some call it the Christ Consciousness energy when our will and power come from a higher source. Instead of acting impulsively and animalistically we engage our consciousness and surrender our action to Divine will. This is how we become vessels of Divine love. Love in Action.
The imbalances of this chakra can manifest emotionally through feelings of powerlessness victim hood and inertia. Physically they can manifest as digestive gastric problems weight issues problems with gall bladder and intestines.
So many women in particular have passive aggressive tendencies which can be another issues relating the inability to express their feelings of anger directly.
Our world can be seen as a very inequal and unjust place so where we have the liberty to conquer of our own will then we need to seize this opportunity.
To become the Sovereign of the self and allow the White Lion energy to flow through as Love in Action.

Gate Six

Day six of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld at this gate she removes her hip girdle symbolic of any restrictions to her sacral chakra.Hip
This is where this become heated to the core Inanna suddenly feels her rage .that which she kept so hidden deep within that sacral chakra and held together by that girdle. When she releases that girdle she begins to feel the intensity of all her feelings that she kept so locked up within her. She feels every neglected and locked away feeling those feelings that she paid no heed to kept from expressing even to herself. They all came welling up like a volcano erupting from deep within. Her rage her pain her jealousy her frustration her deep despair. For a while she was swept away by those feelings until the intensity began to ebb away.
She realised that could never keep her feelings locked away they would always need to flow and be acknowledged. So instead of neglecting them she thanked and acknowledged each one going through the darkest the ones she had labelled as too dark or negative to acknowledge even to herself.
When she had acknowledged each one she began to feel truly that although she had felt each feeling none of those feeling were her. She was the vessel from which the feelings flowed and by allowing them to flow she had more clarity than ever before on the being that she was.
Inanna is no different to you or I how many times have we felt so engrossed our feelings that we have forgotten who we truly are. By not honouring our feelings and allowing to flow through in a proactive way they are expressed through us anyway in our unconscious and impulsive actions. When we act on our feelings with no awareness to understand how our emotions can be linked to our behaviour.
The sacral chakra is also the place where our sexual energy is held which can become destructive or creative depending on our ability to tap into ourselves and the purity of energy within. When I say purity I am highlighting the higher octaves of sexual energy that can be accessed through tantric practice sacred marriage and relationships and also honouring of sexuality within Ourselves. Embracing ourselves fully without shame or judgement fully owning ourselves as sexual beings. In women this is even more amplified because of the sacral chakra is where the womb is located so inability to express their sexuality and embrace themselves fully effects the womb deeply.
Many women suffer greatly from endometriosis painful menstrual cycles cysts and even ovarian and cervical cancer because of issues relaying to shame or guilt linked to their sexuality.
For men the blockage in the sacral chakra can lead to prostrate issues and impotency. Again these are linked to shame issues. However for some men this issue can manifest through sexually pervertion in expressing their desires and the sexual energy can become destructive. This can happen in women also but it is more overt in men in society due to how men and women are viewed by society at large.
The sacral chakra is very powerful when linked to the higher chakras to tap into the creative source and by emptying yourself you can tap into Divine nectar of your being. Without making room for yourself by allowing your feelings to flow how can we make space for the Sacred lotus to bloom.

Gate Seven 

The last day of Inanna’s Journey into the Underworld day seven at this gate she approaches feeling quite anxious as she leaves behind her breech cloth in other words her underwear symbolising her root chakra.Dragon
She enters the gate completely vulnerable and naked. She has removed her last item of clothing or regalia her last obstruction or restriction to her oneness and vulnerability.
Here sits the serpent energy that is symbolised as the snake or Dragon. Sleeping coiled up ready to be awakened out of the slumber. The Base of the spine is where this energy lays latent. The root of us when Inanna removes her garments she is allowing her destiny to come what may she has surrendered completely to Divine will. These are barriers between her darkness and light. She has immersed herself fully into the underworld ready to embrace the dark Goddess her sister..but in reality she is meeting with herself she is meeting her shadow self. That neglected part of her who she has hidden down in the underworld for so long. The part of that is starved of love or acknowledgement. Now there are no barrier between them and is here at the last gate naked and open to embrace all that comes.
The root chakra is where we hold all our security our connection to Mother Earth . By taking away all restrictions to her root chakra Inanna is completely merged with the Earth. She is at one with the Earth.
She is revealing her Serpent her Dragon energy she is unleashing herself. Ready to be the wild untamed part of herself.
When this chakra is balanced we feel secure and connected with our inner Mother and nurturer even in the most hostile environments. We are able to stand up and choose love over fear. We are able to challenge those even when faced with opposition. We can maintain our own capacity of resolve against all odds.
The dragon or serpent within nourishes and takes care of our security. We are able to harness the energy without giving in to opposition. We stand firm.
When this chakra is unbalanced we feel insecure and anxious giving in easily to pressure or opposition. We allow fear to rule our lives and through fear we make choices and decisions. Limiting ourselves from growth or expansion because of fear and even becoming destructive. We make alliances through fear with people that we think may protect us that often manipulate us. We cannot see or feel the immense protection we have from Divine source.
Root chakra issues can manifest in physical issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and issues with elimination of waste constipation. Problems with legs and feet. Emotionally it can manifest as anxiety phobias paranoia and control issues such as OCD.
By grounding ourselves with our Earth revealing all our shadows and embracing each part of our being we meet yourself with love. No part goes unnoticed or without our loving attention. We meet the Dragon within that untapped energy. We awaken our sleeping Dragon and we learn to harness it’s immense energy simply through communion and love. The power of gentle and yet formidable strength.

After Care

Beautiful Souls who have been following the Journey with Inanna in honour of Venus
My deepest bow to you for this immense commitment to self.
After following today the last day just take good care of yourselves plenty of rest and body care. This is to integrate the ethereal journey into our physical DNA and emotional body.
Be very patient and loving to the self
Enjoy and Socialise and take time to play too.

If you would like to book any sessions to delve deeper on this journey and any of the concerns highlighted regarding imbalance post box me on my website and I will respond as soon as I can.
Never underestimate the power and potency of this amazing and intense journey. 



Art by Anne Stoke

© Written by Layla at Surya Therapy


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