Immersed in You

Immersed in You

Dearest Souls

I still feel connected to the Himalayas through my heart and each night in my dream state I hear them calling to me.  As I entered this state consciously today, these words emerged;

Immersed in You

Foot prints in the Snow,

As the Bells from my Anklets are seared apart,

Scattering, Broken,

The contrast of the Crimson, against the Pristine.


Icy Mirror of the Lake Shattered

Plunging me into the Depths of the Freezing Waters,

Am I to Survive, as I step between the Threshold of Life and Death?

Hanging on by my Breath,

Has my Madness for You, Ravaged me completely?

I drop to the Depths, Frozen to my Core,

Yet my Heart Beating your Name.


I hang in the Emptiness of my Mind,

As my Body slowly lingers, before letting go of its desperation to Survive,

Suspended I am, Completely Surrendered, Completely Immersed.


I awake feeling the warmth of my Bed, was it a Dream?

As I step into the Darkness of the Night,

I step onto the Bells of my Anklets laying all over the Floor,

I notice the Blood, Crimson against the Pristine.



Art By Wang Yiguang Snow Shepherdess

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  1. Magical deepest knowings shared from the majesty of the Himalayan Earthern Sentinels.


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