Homage to Bluebells

Homage to Bluebells

Blue 5Anyone who knows me knows my deep love and obsession with bluebells.  Every year I spend time paying them Homage, I feel like it is my yearly pilgrimage and gift to be able to so intimately unite with the beautiful bluebells.  This love for bluebells has been with me since my childhood, where the woodland filled with bluebells sparked my imagination in many ways and I used to play with unseen worlds amongst the ethereal backdrop of the blue. Now every year I celebrate their return and mourn their retreat.  I ask myself and the bluebells every year, why they effect me so? This year whilst sitting amongst them, I felt compelled to allow my love for them to be expressed through the weaving of the words that flowed through.  Please accept my humble honouring of the sacred bluebells, as a homage to them and a gift to all those who feel as I do, when they are touched by their otherworldly beauty.

Blue 1

Homage to Bluebells

Art by Anne BlockleyHere I am sitting amongst you, like I am you.

I lose myself in you.

Intoxicated by your sweet scent, pulled by this calling within.

I cannot with my mind comprehend,

Why you affect me to such an extent,

Like I am finally finding the long lost part of myself within you.

Do you hold a piece of me in your delicate petals?Blue 3

What is this aching within me, as if I am on the precipice between pleasure and pain?

You captivate my senses, my mind tells me that you are passing ethereal beauty.

Yet my heart dances with you amongst the woodland, as the insects do drawing in your sweet nectar.

Beautiful Bluebells of what are you made? Where do you return when you do not grace our woodlands?

Is it the place within the mother that you reside, deep within her womb?

Or is it some celestial star within the galaxies, where you take me through the portal of another dimension?

All I know is that my heart resides with you from an ancient connection between time and space?

Your silent beauty penetrates, these questions, yet revealing no answers.

As the breeze sweeps your surrounding sweetness, and you sway to the song of the birds.

Blue 6

Photography Illuminate by Stuart East


Art by Anne Blokey

Photographs by various  unknown artists




  1. Beautiful divine visitation of natures welcome of the warming of the land

    • Thank You Dearest Soul Ian .. I am blessed with your receiving <3


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