Goddess Radha – Sacred Longing

Goddess Radha – Sacred Longing

Goddess Radha – Sacred Longing

The story of Radha and Krishna is recollected by many and used as an epic tale of love and sacrifice.  Krishna was called God born on Earth in human form and the cowgirl who won his heart Radha. In the tales of their story Radha’s love and sacrifice as the ardent devotee of Krishna, won her the place in his heart and therefore her name is always recalled before his.  However what was misunderstood was her significance, she was not a devotee of Krishna but his equal, his consort his love and it was the longing in his heart for her that paved his way to Godhead.  She was a Goddess that was born in human form, sent to stir his heart.

Krishna is the primordial sound of the Universe and Radha is the power from which creation is born, the longing that brings all seeds to flourishing. Desire itself is Radha.


Each night within my dreams I hear her call, the bells of anklets calling as she dances to a primordial tune.  My heart stirs a deep longing that I cannot ignore, a calling that I hear through my body as if awakening each cell from a deep slumber.

I awake in the morning and decide to travel across the continents to where my soul is calling.  As my flight lands and I step off onto the soil of this land I hear Her calling, Her call is clearer in the light of day, rather than in my dreams.  I travel on the train, I pass villages and towns crossing rivers and streams.  Then I arrive in the place where She had called me Vrindavan. As I walk through the town I smell incense as the daily evening worship is in full swing through the streets, and people are gathering.  I rest for a while and as the evening draws close and the Moon rises in I take a walk, listening to the beat of my heart and her anklets intertwined with the stirring from my soul.

The Moon is bright in the night sky as I enter the forest, I hear the bubbling of the stream it is as the water caresses the rocks, as if communicating some hidden truth.  The peacocks are crying calling their mates, their calls sends a feeling that I can’t quite comprehend, stirring up my heart.  Then I hear Her, Her haunting melody draws me to Her, Her voice unlocks all chains that bind me and I go to her running through the woods as if reuniting with a long lost lover.

Underneath the Moon light I see her form reflecting in the bubbling stream, the mirrors on her embroided clothes shimmer in the light as she dances to the beat of primordial flute.  Each move evokes a feeling in my heart, as if some long lost longing had been unleashed. I step forward the noise of the twig causes Her to stop and twirl around.  She catches my eyes and smiles, walking towards me.

I see Her iridescent beauty as she walks towards me, Her skin reflecting the ethereal glow of the Moon. Her graceful walk gliding like the peacocks surrounding Her.  I am mesmerised by Her beauty and grace.  As She stops in front of me I gasp as I find it hard to breathe and I place my hand over my heart.  She places her hand over mine and looking into my eyes She says

‘I knew you would come My daughter, it was your heart that bought you to Me.  You followed the stirrings within it, and it aches with the longing to see me.   I have been waiting for you my love.’

She grasps my hand and guides me to a log near the stream and we sit together as the water bubbles and dances.  As if overjoyed at the prospects of being next to us.

She strokes my hair and she hold me close to Her.

‘My heart aches, why does it ache so Mother?’

She replies as She plays with my hair.

‘It is the longing my dearest, that feeling that your heart is full to the brim and is searching that fragmented part, it longs to be reunited and become whole. Many have written and declared this longing as love, in many forms.  Throughout time love has been a stirring of the heart, the searching of this part outside somewhere.  Yet is has also been misunderstood in so many ways because, that which you seek, is not out there it is within you.  Love cannot exists without it being that which exists within.  When you understand that then you see that it is your love that you reflect onto another, the vibration of your love depends on the strength of your heart.  Not the physical heart but the ethereal heart that is the key to the universe.  It is the heart that beats to the sounds of the Universe.  The heart that bought you to Me.’

My eyes fill with tears as I feel that tender pull from within.

She wipes my tears and continues stroke my hair

‘My dear daughter you and the world have misunderstood this longing as something to fear or fill, a desire you fulfil or a challenge to overcome.  Some have named this stirring of the heart as romantic and have linked it with romantic love.  Even here in Vrindavan where I am worshipped, I have been misunderstood.  It was Krishna that people saw as God in human form and I was named a cowgirl who won his heart.  This is not how it was, I and He were equal, it was through My love that He was elevated to Godhood.  I stirred His soul, I created a longing within Him that He could not overcome and even though we were separated that longing grew within Him.  This is what elevated His consciousness to Godhead.  I am that stirring that longing, it is through this longing that people continue their search for their truth.  It is this longing that causes them to leave their comfortable lives and put themselves in danger in order to quench the thirst.  They travel to sacred sites and endure hardships, to soothe this longing from within.  Some people look to fill this longing with a romantic partner who they feel will fill that void within them, or some people try to fill this longing with material wealth, power and status.  Yet this longing can never be filled, this is why the world is in such chaos.  Each person is searching to fill this void within with all that is external to them separate to them.  You too have done this My Priestess my daughter have you not?’

She holds me close as I weep in Her arms.  As She cradles my head and strokes my hair. She states with a soft voice

‘What if instead of chasing outside of yourself you follow that stirring within and go deep within yourself?  You will find that the part of yourself that you seek externally is actually within you.  I have always been in your heart yet you travelled continents to seek me here.  You thought I was external to you?  I am You. ‘

She looked deep into my eyes and I found my own reflection within Her gaze.  All that was surrounding us disappeared and in that moment there was no separation.  Where did She begin and I stop.  In that moment I was merged with my own Soul. My heart leapt with joy.

Written with Love

On the night of the Lunar Eclipse 27.9.15 I feel Her, the longing and the magnetism of the Planets is Radha as they move in alignment to each other and for a moment merge into each other’s form.  As the Sun, Moon and Earth align with each other it is Radha the longing for each other that brings this magnificence of merger into being.

I feel her calling as the energies shift towards the Lunar Eclipse that is the longest Eclipse of the century on the 27.7.18 Full Moon in Aquarius, when Mars and Mercury are in retrograde and the Sun is in Leo. The Alchemy of the energies of Fire and Water, as the Earth in alignment anchors ths intense portal. Let us embrace the changes as the longing of who we are rises to a crescendo. We are called to shine our light and emerge from the shadows of our smaller self.  To walk tall and embrace ourselves our uniqueness, our imperfections and we are given the boost of energy that encourages courage. This is not a time to shy away but to claim our sovereignty. In all aspects of our lives and walk away from victim hood.  Allowing the deep longing in our Souls to guide us to all that flames our heart with passion. For a life that is full of vibrancy of being fully present for ourselves in deep love.

©  Love Always Layla <3

Image from Shawn Newman

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