Full Moon in Taurus – Doorway to the Self

Full Moon in Taurus – Doorway to the Self

Full Moon in Taurus – Doorway to the Self

The full Moon in Taurus on the 27th October the last of the Super Moons this year marking the end of the remarkable and potent energy that has been continuing since the solar and major lunar eclipse this year.  A magical and terrifying time as we have reached so many endings in our lives and being urged to make life changing decisions.  The recent energies influencing us as we have move from the Sun in Libra to Scorpio.  Libra is ruled by Venus as is Taurus so relationships have been in the forefront for us all in recent times.  As Venus is the planet of love.  Relationships with loved ones, family, the outside world, with ourselves and our Divine Source are being bought into balance and clarity.

There has been this real conflict of what we want to see and what is, this is Libra seeking beauty and harmony, trying to balance on the scales of truth.   On the 21st Oct the Sun moved into Scorpio ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth intensifying the depth of this energy and so we are urged to dive deep.  Deep into depths of our emotions as Scorpio is a water sign and being ruled by Pluto, Pluto is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Things can get pretty intense with Pluto, and we cannot escape this intensity as it shakes us to our core and really pushes our buttons. Bringing our shadow into the light, that which we have kept hidden within the depths is now being bought up.  We potentially have never felt as dissatisfied as we feel right now. However without dissatisfaction and the discomfort how would we be pushed to change and transform, to give birth to our new expanded consciousness?  Transforming From the Scorpion, to the Eagle to the Dove.

The Taurean full Moon provides some comfort, the Earth sign ruled by Venus.  We are being given some support by our Eternal mother to be swept in her arms and carried.  To allow us some respite and nurturing, She is the midwife as we give birth to ourselves.  Taurus is dependable and practical in nature and will help us put those plans for growth into manifestation.  Taurus Moon will help to support us while we give birth to our new ideas and lives by putting our plans into practice on Earth. Taurus is the bull who symbolises fertility and wealth.   In this time of rebirth we have the help of the Eternal mother through Divine source.  We are being held in the womb of creation itself, in these times of these labour pains we are guided and helped.  Our guides, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, God and Goddesses, Archangels and Elemental, Unicorn and Mermaid friends are all there to hold us, to support us.  Yet we must ask for this help they cannot help us without us tapping into and connecting with them.

We have waited for eons for this opportunity dear friends, let’s not waste this life time.  Let us use the boons that we experience through the cosmic bounty that we are given.  These are precarious and also magical times.  Let us not be deluded by our shadows but instead let us allow our shadows to speak to us.  Allow our shadows that space and love, holding and merging them into our light selves to create the balance between light and dark within ourselves.  Allowing the integration and in turn allowing our own birth.  Using this portal of energy as the gift of life through the Taurean full Super Moon, to open the doorway to ourselves.

So Much Love

Mumtaz <3

The beautiful Art is the creation of my dear artist friend Mark Priestley his work can be seen via facebook on Mark Priestley Artist.

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