Full Moon in Sagittarius – Dragon Portal

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Dragon Portal

The Moon calls I hear Her in my veins, drawn to her like my Soul is calling me Home. The sweetness of her tone as she calls, the vibration echoing through the my bones making music in the wind. What is it she is whispering through the ether?


You are Dragon born, made from the elements of existence. Dragon

It is time to claim all that is yours for the taking.

With fire in your eyes and passion of your lips.

Take the Worlds!



Do not hesitate or doubt yourself.

Draw strength from all those that have come before you.

Know that you are the one the Worlds dreamt into existence.

Know it is time the veil between the Worlds are dissolving.

This the what the ancients heralded.


Do not become distracted by the weavers of illusion.

WarriorGo beyond the web of consciousness, to that place where the Cosmic heart lies.

There you will find your answer, to the question you asked before your birth.

Remember keep focused, keep your intent clear, and you will emerge victorious.

You will fight many monsters and demons along the way.



Goddess Queen



Keep to your path and you will be guided.

Only you know your Souls calling, Listen intently to the voice within.

Others may try and sway you, dilute your energy, Be guided by your inner compass.




Walk Tall and Remember,

You cannot be burnt by Fire, You are Fire

You cannot be buried by Earth, You are Earth

You cannot be drowned by Water, You are Water

You cannot be blown away by Air, You are Air

You cannot be destroyed by Ether, You are the Cosmos.

This message comes at a time when the world around us appears to be falling apart, and darkness is looming everywhere. This is what we are being told over and over again. Do not listen, do not get distracted from your inner guidance. It is because the long held grip on illusion is weakening. So the voices become louder and louder, more fearful, more horrifying. So our intent must also be as sharp and as robust to remain steadfast. Do whatever it takes to keep centered, focused, and grounded. But know there are only two real choices to make. Fear or Love, what will you Choose?

© Layla

Art sourced through pinterest by unknown artists

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