Full Moon in Leo – Portal of Life

Full Moon in Leo – Portal of Life

Dearest Souls

I hope this posts finds you well. This has been a time of deepening, a time of awakening to the self. Yet this has not been an easy journey.  All the fears have been showing themselves, through nightmares, those shadows have been pulling at your feet trying to hold you back. Yet in the light of the Moon the shadows are revealed to be the small tyrants that they are. The  fullness of the Moon shines brightly and they scurry away hiding themselves from the light. You my dear are no longer worthy of such distractions, these puny creatures are no longer a worthy opponent for battle. So walk away do not engage, as they can no longer instill the fear they once did. You are destined for such majesty, such bounty that your heart will not be able to fathom the treasures that await you. Once you embrace the awesome Soul that you are. The veil will dissolve to show you at every turn how loved you are, and how all of creation is conspiring to support you.

With the full Moon the energies are supporting you to unite with the gifts and talents, that have always been there waiting to be accessed. Leo is the potent force that helps you believe, to have faith, to take that leap towards your dreams without fear. Venus and Chiron work together to aid you in healing those wounds that have prevented you from fully stepping forward to embrace all that is rightfully yours. The sun in Aquarius opens up the heart to embrace the help that is awaiting at every turn to support your dream birthing to new life.

We have recently celebrated Imbolc at the beginning of February, and the energies of Imbolc aid us to create ample conditions for fertility to deeply root the seed of your dream. The purity of your hearts desires to blossom like the snowdrops growing from the dark soil, showing signs of life beneath the wintery surface. This beautiful sign of fertility is a symbol of hope that is magnified through this portal of the full Moon. It is life holding out its hand to you to take fully, into your grasp. It is a juncture where a choice is made, the wild wind beckons to you asking, are you going to step into the portal to live your life fully? You walk towards your dreams with your head held high and your heart full of love.

Love Always Layla <3




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