Full Moon in Aquarius – Key to the Portal of the Cosmic Consciousness

Full Moon in Aquarius – Key to the Portal of the Cosmic Consciousness

Full Moon in Aquarius – Key to the Portal of the Cosmic Consciousness

The Full Moon of the 31st July will hold the key to the opening of the Heart, the Third eye and the Crown chakra. This is to activate our higher selves and the energies at this particular Moon are extremely significant. This time is an especially potent time to elevate our consciousness and tap into the infinite source available to us.

All the Alchemical Masters, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses are awaiting to help us through this portal of change. Never before has there been so much help available, so much opportunity to elevate ourselves. In ancient times it was rare to get the opportunity we are being served at this time. It took many lifetimes to reach this point of evolution of consciousness. Yet the growth we are experiencing even in one lifetime is a phenomenal rate of elevation. The reason as to why these opportunities exist right now and why there is so much support for us, is because our beautiful Planet Earth is at critical point.

We are being called as Light workers and Divine beings experiencing our Human existence. To shine our gifts in the world to come out of the shadows and no longer to play it small. Many of us are afraid of our own power and the Portal of the Lions Gate that opened on the 24th July peaks on the 8th Aug and closes on the 12th Aug is all about claiming our own power. Out of the victimhood into ownership. Your individual gifts, your individual light is so important. Through embracing these gifts that allow of full expression we are elevated. As we all collectively raise our light this effects our beautiful home Earth and together we all rise. The Sacred Lion is urging us to take leadership of ourselves. If we each do this it will have an immense impact on our collective consciousness.

This full moon is in Aquarius which signifies brotherhood and sisterhood, coming together the Aquarian age. No longer needing competition and hierarchy to struggle to the top but instead working collectively with cooperation and support. Encouraging and loving one another for no one is really separate from each other as a sister and brothers’ gain is our gain, their loss is our loss. Connecting hearts with empathy gives rise to understanding that we are all One.

This Moon is called the Blue Moon because it is the second moon in the same month. However also because of the Sirius star being in the skies at this time, the Sirius star which is also signified as blue diamond energy activates this Moon further with its energy. The Sirius star is connected to Ancient Egypt and the Goddess Isis. The time of the rise of the Sirius star which can vary on location from the end of July to mid-August time depending on your location. The rise of Sirius star was called the rising of the waters it signified a time of great fertility in the Nile region. So once again we are connected with waters of Aquarius and this specific time. A time of great opportunity and fertility.

During this full moon period many planets are retrograding such as Venus and Uranus. One signifies love and the other individuality. We are being called to question what is it that we can offer this world? What is it that we can offer our communities, our families and ourselves? How as our individual self can we offer our love? What is our uniqueness?

When looking up at this Full Moon in your rituals and prayers, drawing it down and bathing in its translucent and powerful light. Remember that like the starry night that hold infinite Galaxies and stars, each star holds its own glory and light. You too are the Glory of God / Goddess. It is time to allow your light to Shine. Do not hold back and hide, you are too precious and needed Dearest One. If you falter ask Archangel Haniel to take you in Her Wings and reflect your light in the night skies to show you the glory that you are.

Happy Full Moon Dearest Ones
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