From The Ashes Born – The Phoenix

From The Ashes Born – The Phoenix

From the Ashes born – The Phoenix

Have you ever wondered why when we have an illumination or breakthrough in our lives one day the next day we wake up feeling completely the opposite? Feeling tired, emotionally struggling to even make it through the day. Yet a day before we were feeling euphoric of the quantum leap into the unknown and excited at the prospect. What happened?

At the present with the energies of the Black Moon, the internal struggle of the light and dark within has begun. The Phoenix is all about transformations, rising from the ashes, reborn. We have recently been enlightened to many truth in our lives, being almost pushed to the edge. To re-evaluate the comfort the coziness of our own drama, is the unsafe feeling safe, is the restriction feeling like a cell adorned with silk cushions? Elaborate even luxurious but still a prison.

The truth cannot be unseen once seen so it plagues us, eating away at the Ego, pounding at the door of our consciousness to reveal underneath the dust and dirt gathered over time, the beaming rays of our radiant Soul. Once we catch a glimpse of the pure illumined light we cannot look away mesmerized by the beauty encapsulated by the unconditional rays of love vibrating. We can feel the essence in every fibre of our being. Our eyes alone cannot see the light only our heart can feel the purity of its intention. Calling us, beckoning us to leave behind the prison and bask in the eternal light of Soul. We are enlightened in that moment where time has no power there is no separation only unity, only merging, no self, only bliss. The Ego has no hold, it attempts to grasp at us but we are so enchanted by the mysteries of the Soul that it has no power over us, we cannot hear its call. We are in union with Cosmic, we feel the connection with each and very source of energy, and we are whole. We see our path before us, we do not see the destination so we start to walk. The illusion of our life falling away at each step, and now we enter a place that is unknown. Not yet traveled by our current consciousness. For this part of our journey we must have faith, we cannot grasp the entirety of the plan as it is beyond our conception.

This is where we are currently at in the cycle of the energies that are inter playing. In the moments of doubt when we tread this path in the darkness, we must trust but now shadows as tormenting us. They are groping and grabbing, whispering words of doubt, unworthiness, taunting and twisting each thought in our minds. Our body feels the resistance, the pain as the cellular memories relive each moment of distrust, betrayal and failure. We struggle to makes out these shadows are they real? Are we going to hold onto this path of uncertainty and use all our will our strength to continue on this unknown mysterious path? Or are we going to run back to the comforts of our prison, with the distant reminder of this illumination. Until we again are faced with a calling so deep and are so weary of the illusion, we again attempt to embark on this unexplored journey.

This is the cycle of growth the outer Cosmic and Earthly changes reflect the inner landscapes. We cycle the seasons, the planets and inner psyches as part of the Divine play. We can either surrender and trust the process or hide in our prisons and cling to the bars. As the seasons change, the planets orbit and the psyche lies dormant awaiting the light of the inner dawn.

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