From Nothing to Everything – Whirling with the Cosmos

From Nothing to Everything – Whirling with the Cosmos
From Nothing to Everything – Whirling with the Cosmos

O my friend

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Rumi 2

Rumi was born on the Eastern shores of the Persian Empire on September 30, 1207, in the city of Balkh in what is now Afghanistan and finally settled in the town of Konya, in what is now Turkey. Rumi’s life story is full of intrigue and high drama mixed with intense creative outbursts. Rumi was a charming, wealthy nobleman, a genius theologian and a brilliant but sober scholar, who in his late thirties met a wandering and wild holy man by the name of Shams. In Rumi’s own words, after meeting Shams he was transformed from a bookish, sober scholar to an impassioned seeker of the truth and love.

Rumi and Shams stayed together for a short time, about 2 years in total, but the impact of their meeting left an everlasting impression on Rumi and his work. After Shams disappearance, Rumi fell into a deep state of grief and gradually out of that pain outpoured nearly 70,000 verses of poetry. These thousands of poems, which include about 2000 in quatrains, are collected in two epic books named, Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi and Massnavi (Mathnawi).

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

You may want to watch this beautiful video by Fenandi Creations with words from Rumi to help you into the state of receiving this transmission.

We Begin

 I sit here looking into the depths of darkness and I see nothing through the tears, for my heart is broken.  I no longer understand why I am here or who I am.  Everything that I thought that I was has been fallen away like the falling away of the darkness at dawn.   I look up into the star filled sky and scream to the heavens;

‘So what now?’ I bellow into the shadows.Energies of Creation

I hear nothing back but silence in the night sky.

The silence enrages me and so I scream;

‘If you are there, show yourself.’ 

Again only silence returns to answer me.

With broken heart and spirit I start to walk back onto the path, my head spinning with sadness and confusion.  As I start to walk I hear a footsteps behind me, a soft gentle voice calls;

‘Do you have no patience to hear the answer to your question?’

Startled I turn around with such frenzy that I become unbalanced through the spin. I stumble to hold my footing as my eyes focus to see in the darkness. I see a form walking nearer and in the light of the stars shining, the translucent form is that of an aged man.   As he nears I see the light of the stars reflecting in his long white beard, he is wearing a white robe and a piece of cloth is tied around his head to look a little like a turban, he is leaning on a wooden staff.  Even in the darkness there is a luminance to his form that transcends beyond the present.

I suddenly become self-conscious and start to wipe my tears stained face, as he nears I see his deep dark eyes full of kindness and concern. 

‘Now my Divine child, why do you weep?’ He cups my face with his hands and looks deep into my eyes as if searching for the answer.

‘Nothing makes sense to me anymore, I just feel like I’m losing my sense of reality.  My life is empty I have everything and yet I have nothing.  I yearn for something that is not of this world.  I don’t understand what is going on.’

My words appear to lighten his eyes and with a jovial smile, he states;

‘Is that all my child? You are indeed very fortunate to be in this position. ‘

I look at him startled at his response.

‘You are being emptied, so that you can be filled with Divinity. The elixir of God cannot enter the vessel if there is no room.’  As he says these words he takes my hand, ‘Come child, come with me.’ Nothing to Everything

We walk further and further into the path, as it winds through the darkness and then it begins to steepen.  As we walk the path I see that we are amongst the stars at this great height and the path ends.  He stops a little before the edge and he beckons, ‘come let’s sit.’ 

We sit on the edge of the cliff the stars, reflecting their light as if thousands of lanterns lighting the night sky. 

‘My child I have been guiding you all along, yet you do not recognise who I am?’ He states as I sit beside him. 

I realise that I followed him without any prompting, as if I knew him without knowing him, reading my thoughts he replied;

‘Your heart knows me even if your mind doesn’t, I my child am Rumi Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī.’

I gasp as he reveals his identity, for years I had been fascinated and enchanted by his poetry.  I had longed to be in his presence and now here I was, all the questions I had wanted to ask and yet at this moment I could remember not one?

‘My child you think too much, allow your heart to lead and it will not fail you.’ He declared holding his hand to his heart, prompting me to do the same. ‘Now breathe, close your eyes and go within, what comes up in this silence? Allow your heart to speak. What is it saying now that you are listening?’

‘It is asking what does it long for, why is there a piece of it missing?’

‘Now you are asking the right question,’ he smiled. ‘You have truly heard your heart.  It is through the wound that the light enters my dear child. The light cast away the darkness so that you can discover that, that which you long for is within You.’

I look at him with amazement.  He points towards the star lit sky.

‘What do you see all around you child?’

I reply, ‘I see a star lit night sky.’

‘Well my beautiful Child is that what you see, for I see only You all around.’ I look at him puzzled by his answer and he again smiles and replies;

‘Everything you see is a reflection of you my Child, there is no real separation from anything or anyone. So if you are the vast universe why do you act so small? This is because you have forgotten that with your heart beat the universe was created.  It is the longing that awakens your senses and you long for that forgotten part of yourself, it is through this longing that you seek and your seeking is the quest of discovery that you are indeed the journey and the destination. Lose yourself in this longing my child, allow it to set your heart on fire as the longing turns to passion, passion to love. Love with such intensity, that through your love, the world itself embraces you so tightly that you simply cannot imagine there can be any separation.  For you will no longer be able to identify where you start and it begins.’ 

Angel of Love

He puts both his hands on my shoulders and looks deeply into my eyes.

‘Keep your ear to your heart, quieten the mind so that you can hear the heart speak to you. ‘Hearing these words I can see the reflection of the stars within his eyes, I am in tranced by the whirling of the galaxies.  With no prompting I rise to my feet and as if spellbound I start to whirl, on that cliff edge with no fear I whirl.  As I whirl I could feel the stars and planet’s circling me.  I whirl as if riding the wave of longing, uniting with my beloved.  Whirling through space and time, the blurring of the walls that hold us apart.

18684 H


Eventually when I open my eyes and stop whirling, I am once again on the path where I had started. The place where I had screamed into the night sky.  I look up this time not with anger but with love.  I place my hand on my heart and bow my head in gratitude for out of nothing I have everything.

©Written and Channelled by Layla at Surya TherapyImmanent soul








Ritual – Whirling Dervish Meditation

In the Sufi Way, the experience of the world and its perception is aesthetic in ecstatic love. The awareness of the overpowering beauty of the world fills the heart with love and opens the mind to cosmic relations. The integration of reason, form-making, and imagining, along with yielding the body and mind to the powers of the earth, is a total aesthetic in Sufism.

Human movement, the way they understand the process of time and space, depends on nature and parallels the cosmic order and the basic underlying forms that are found in nature. They are not only circular, which means they revolve and repeat, but rather spiral. They grow and expand in a way that radiates from the centre out. Many forms of city order, architectural arrangement and movement pattern, including the basic orders of music and the representation of space in miniatures, comply with such an understanding of space and time. The Dervish Dance is in complete harmony with this understanding and with the cosmic movement.
The Dervish Dance is ecstasy, love, path/way, Rumi, seeing with the heart, Sufism, the Sufi Way.

By watching this video by Shastro you can witness the ecstatic dance of the Soul in union with Divinity. The music can be used for this ritual and meditation so only attempt the meditation dance, once you have watched it a few times and absorbed the poetry of Rumi that is used with this video.

Please ensure before you undertake this meditation that you consult with a health professional if you have any medical conditions.

Ensure that you are in a safe place and that you have plenty of space and can hold onto something stable if you get dizzy.  Now play the music in the video in the background and very slowly start to turn clockwise whilst holding your predominant hand like a mirror that you are looking into palm facing inward, so you are looking at your palm as you whirl.

Start very slowly and you can build up speed as you become more practiced.  Also the time that you do the whirling meditations for will depend on your focus so build it up as you get more practiced, focussed and build stamina.

Over the next few days allow the energy to settle within your being and pay attention to all that you are drawn to, journal or write any feelings or connections that you may have come across. Pay close attention to nature around you too as you will be more likely to be able to ascertain from your environment what the Universe is saying to you in all its forms.



Art by Rassouli 

Video by Fenandi creations – recommend that you watch all four because they are beautiful 

Video by Shastro – Whirling Flames – recommended watch



  1. Beautiful allround writing and video my friend Xx

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    • You are welcome glad you enjoyed .. Layla

    • You are welcome glad you enjoyed .. love layla


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