Eyes of My Beloved are the Windows of My Soul

Eyes of My Beloved are the Windows of My Soul

Eyes of my Beloved are the Windows to my Soul

As a woman do you feel you have given your power away to a man? Do you feel empty and lost inside? Do you even exist?  Do you feel that even you don’t know who you are? And yet somehow no matter what he does you just can’t resist going back to him.  It could be that you’re a man that feels like this about a woman.

This message from Ishtar Goddess of Love who was known as the embodied planet Venus and the Evening Star.  A fiery Goddess always depicted with a lion at her side was also associated with War.  Ishtar offers us her protection and love even through the most warlike of circumstances in our lives.  She shelters us with her radiant light and teaches to us to form firm boundaries that help long lasting loving relationships. Boundaries also help other people treat us with the respect that we deserve. So through ourselves, in our own power we can discern who we want to give our precious energy to. For those who strive to steal it are only looking for their own Souls within Ours.

I look into your eyes what do I see?

The raging of the oceans, the depths of the cosmos, the magic of the ages

What is that spark that pulls me towards you like a moth to a flame?

You have enchanted me, cast a spell on my being

I yearn for you, my body aches in the longing to hold you

I want you, I want to keep you as mine forever let us not part.

For eons men have conquered women like the lands, seeing the vastness of the universe in their eyes.  Drawn on this magic, drinking the nectar from their beings they have discarded and destroyed when the vastness has been emptied into the void of their own shadows.  The woman has been considered the enchantress, the witch, the seductress and banished for her very beauty.  Displaced, beaten, raped, forgotten, hidden and shamed.

Man himself is lost as no matter how much nectar from the oceans of desires he drinks of a woman he can never be satisfied.  For what he yearns is within himself that which he sees in her is what he wants to embody.  His yearning, his striving doesn’t stop but continues till there is havoc and destruction all around him.

Woman herself has lost herself in the man where does she exist?  She finds herself empty so she clings to him, her saviour, and her master she feels she can only survive if he is there to protect her. She will fight other women to ensure that she has that power over him, that he is hers.  He must not get away from her as how will she survive? So he beats her, so he poisons her soul with his words but that is forgiven for she know he is only showing her what the world thinks of her already. She sees other women as her rivals, she is must assert her power to banish them as she must be the only one that he can come to for solace and need.

This yearning, this burning from within where is the cool shade when there is fire raging everywhere? Through the raging fires I hear her refreshing call, like a welcome cool breeze on a hot day.

‘Come’    she beckons.

‘O Ancient one you are not lost why do you chase for affection and love, when you are love itself?’

‘Who are you?’

‘O Ancient one do you not recognise me it is me Ishtar I am the love that resides within all beings, the Cosmos itself was created through my breath and my beating heart. I have always been here waiting for you my beautiful beloved. ‘

‘Oh Ishtar I weep at the sight of you, for my heart has been yearning for you all this time’.

‘Can you not see me in yourself? You have lost yourself in a man, a mortal man when you have the Eternal Goddess awaiting you? Come to me let me see you.’

I step out of the fires and walk towards the shade where the Goddess resides the Queen of the Heavens.  She embraces me and then looks at me I hold my head in shame.  She scoops up my face in her hands and gently whispers.

‘You have no need to hold your head in shame for you are the Queens of Queens rise up.  No longer do you need to seek yourself in any other for I am here and I reside within you.  Consider your body my temple, you will not give yourself to anyone who is not worthy of me.  Only a King of Kings can enter this temple he who honours the Goddess within will treasure you beyond all treasure.  He will not drink from your nectar for he will have his own nectar and he will willingly give you that.  In exchange you will gift him your heart.  There will be no need for either of you to take from the other.

You need to be strong my Child for it is you who holds the key to any man, it is your choice whether you lead both of you to destruction by allowing him to steal your power, or you his.  Or for you to withhold this and walk away.  I understand that when physical circumstances don’t allow for this then you will feel physically trapped but even in these situations you can withhold the sacredness that resides within you.  For no one can enter that Temple even if you are violated.  They can only enter that Temple if you allow them to.  Do not misuse your power either for you will suffer as a consequence.  Your magnetism and allure can drive any man or woman wild with desire but you must not be tempted to act on this desire as it is carnal lust and in the end it will destroy you.  By yielding to this lust you can use it for the greater good and only for the one who deserves your true heart. ‘

She kissed my forehead and drifted away into the atmosphere.  I was left standing in the fire raging around me but yet I was not touched by its flames.  I walked through the heat knowing that I had the power to control this fire, it could never burn me again.

So beautiful Beings of Light who are reading this post, hold your head up high with the knowing that you can access Ishtar and allow her to help and guide you. She is waiting for you to hear her call.

If you could do with some extra support to get in touch with Ishtar within or with any of the issues that have been mentioned please contact me at www.suryatherapy.com  or my Surya Therapy Facebook page you can message me.

Image found on Pinterest on lifestyleallwomenstalk.com

Much Love Mumtaz <3

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