Euphoric Deliverance

Euphoric Deliverance

Euphoric Deliverance


You hold me in rapture,

So tantalising is your breath against my skin,

Yet I want you nearer,

I want you running through my blood,

As I dance in ecstasy in your pulsating embrace,

Even in that there is distance.

I want to inhale you in my breath

So that you ignite each and every cell within me with your presence

Yet even still I feel the pangs in my heart,

You leave me with this yearning.


Oh my Love

How will I ever soothe this aching in my heart?

At times it is a delicious pain, like you are tenderly biting my flesh

At other times it threatens to devour me, with its intensity like a raging volcano.

Release me from this eternal torment


From the melody of ethereal sound, I hear your voice so sweet

Divine ambrosia to my senses.

My sweet love

I cannot tame your heart, it is your wild open heart

Where I enter to dance in eternal embrace with you

It is your magnetic longing that drives me to insanity

I am drawn to you like a moth to a flame

As we dance in each other’s blood, till nothingness ravages our mortal coils

We disappears into the infinite void, where all creation blossoms


© Layla at Surya Therapy

Art Entering the Void by Technichrist


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  1. Sensual torrent of divine visitation


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