Enchanted Lover

Enchanted Lover

Enchanted Lover

Deep in the Woods as you call me, through the wilderness, 
I run, wild in with your love I dance 
The snowflakes caressing my face like crystal jewels,
As I whirl and move with the wind caressing me in its embrace.
You whisper in my ear, I feel your breath against my skin

My heart is pulled with your longing 
Through the woods I run to seek you 
The shadows I encounter, the sound of the crows cawing 
Weaving through the trees, the sunlight drifting through the leaves 
I hear the forest, each leaf whispering your name 
Does it yearn you like I do?

My heart is pulled with passion for our union 
On the pebbled beach I run to embrace you
The waves crashing against the shore, dancing with the Dawn
The fish in the sea move in joy as they encounter you 
I hear the sea, each drop of water repeating your glory 
Does it rejoice you like I do?

As I stand gazing into the midnight sky 
The Moon bright shining her silvery light with such Ecstasy
Each Star shines so magnificently lighting up the darkness
Distant Planets sending vibrations that echo through the universe 
All as if in tune to some mystical sound, pulsating to your beat 
The whole Cosmos whirling to your presence
Does it feel your energy pulsating through it like I do?

© Layla

Art by Toni Carmine Solerno

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